• Bongwater

    not even hyped for this anymore... took way too fuckin long to come out

  • LexiCon

    Nelly? really?

  • who cares

    Yea.... those guests are ass. The only dope feature is Kendrick, but that song as a whole was average.

  • runt

    cover is wack. album probably wack. that gutter rainbows album was ass.

    last really dope record was ear drum, and that was 6 years ago. RPM was ok but nothing amazing.

    step your game up kweli

  • Jeff

    no mos?
    I hope this album is better than its lookin right now.

  • mympc

    Talib always puts out quality music and that takes time.

  • david

    @runt "gutter rainbows was ass" Clown. Now you've said the album will probably be wack you're gonna listen to it with that thought in mind. That's gonna ruin the whole listenin experience for you. You're what's wrong with hip-hop.

    Features look weak but as long as Kweli delivers that's what I'm gonna listen to it for

  • nibs

    how do you know your weirdly inflated view of kweli won't make you like the album BEFORE you listen to it?
    I haven't enjoyed a talib album since beautiful struggle, and I was like 19. turns out he doesn't read or try to further his knowledge in any way and has a pretty big fucking ego. fuck this album.

  • method

    fuck you guys
    talib a fucking G.