Beyoncé's H&M Swimwear Campaign

Normally I'd make a mention of the entire line, but the words "Beyoncé" and "in nothing but bikinis" should suffice. Enjoy the rest down bottom.

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  • BobbyWhite

    yall some faggot niggas for thumbing this down smh

  • Da Gawd

    She is starting to over-saturate the market now

  • Dutch

    no such thing as over saturation in your prime..only lames say shit like that

  • david

    If I hadn't known she'd had a kid I wouldn't believe anyone who said that was a post-baby body

  • would pt the dick inside her lung.

    my name says it all

  • runt

    @Da Gawd

    you suspect.

    definitely one of the most beautiful women in the world.

  • sit down on it bey

    fags over here

  • demonhunter

    I wonder if when Jay married her, one of the clauses in the agreement was no more photo back-shots for the remainder of the partnership. Absolute bastard, a thing of beauty such as this must be shared with the world.


Rick Gonzalez - "Born 2 Win"

Off the NY spitter's upcoming Chicago-inspired #6pcMild project.

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Wordsworth - "F.U. (Fingers Up)" f. Blu

Second single off the BK emcee's upcoming New Beginnings LP, dropping September 18th.

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