Copywrite – Carbon Copy’s Phony Art Pub Scam (Album)

blame it on Shake April 15, 2013

This past Friday, Copywrite released a free album through Man Bites Dog Records. So with our late pass in hand, we’d like to share it with those that aren’t already aware. The title, a play on The Beatles’ classic Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Bang, is Copy’s way of “paying homage to one of [his] favorite groups and albums of all time.” Read up on the inspiration behind the project below then hit the jump to stream/download.

Feeling burnt out on hip-hop after releasing two albums in the past year, Copy was craving something different. He went on a Beatles and Beach Boys binge, and one day, while listening to Sgt. Pepper’s, he recounts, “I had the headphone jack halfway in and it played only the speaker with the music and not the vocals.” Immediately struck by the unorthodox time signatures, Copy was excited by the challenge of it. “I love rapping complex and crazy, but I never really have the platform for that,” says Copy, “It was perfect.”

  • RiseFromDiChalice

    never heard this guy but i will open my ears for a cover like that. theres breakbeats in sgt pepper, lets see what he does

  • T.A.

    Never heard this guy??? Uhm, Copywrite has been around forever and making great shit forever.

  • Wingspan

    Dope ass free album.

  • knuckles

    payin me to guest appear?
    is like handing me 10 g’s to slice you from chest to ear>> copy
    this is why i go back through old post. been pissed if i missed this one.