Co$$ – Blasphemy in Babylon (prod. DJ Mentos)

blame it on Shake April 15, 2013

With his Black Hockey Players project dropping sometime next month, Co$$ follows up the Blu-assisted “Heroin” with the equally “Blasphemy in Babylon.”

  • iblameyou

    this is quality as usual from Co$$, but what exactly is 2dopeboyz doing as a sponsor for these Co$$ projects besides posting about them several days after other blogs do?

  • utes

    dope shit. he really got off.

  • Troll

    What the fuck are you complaining about? @iblameyou. Loser ass blog troll lol.

  • Real Talk

    Damn looking forward to that tape this is dope.

  • iblameyou

    @Troll, it’s a legitimate question. 2dopeboyz is named as a sponsor of this release, and they didn’t even post it until several days after it was released whereas the other co-sponsors posted it no later than last Friday. non-affiliated blogs have even publicized this already.

    this site did the same thing with his last EP release on Valentines Day too…they are named as a co-sponsor, and it was a Valentines Day SPECIFIC project, but they posted it days later.

    Co$$’ music is quality material, and he deserves real push and support. the cats at are at least publicizing his shit when it actually comes out, and other blogs who aren’t even officially affiliated, but i honestly don’t see 2dopeboyz doing much or even paying very close attention to the material coming from someone they are supposedly affiliated with.

    if you want to address that then fine. otherwise, you chose your name well as “Troll” you’re the only one baiting for no purpose. fuck out of here.

  • Troll

    first off, are viewers today are not as valuable the as a day or two ago? Second, comeon loser. am i to believe any fan of some underground rapper is actually following 2dopeboyz schedule and timing on releases with someone like coss? and getting mad at it enough to write 3 paragraphs to defend themselves on a blog? pointing out specifics incidents and dates from memory? If you’re not the rapper himself, your in his camp. this is a new low of lows. I would be ashamed of myself. seriously.

  • j

    iblameyou is co$$ lol
    man up and ask them directly if you aint happy

  • Heart Beat


  • trollsprivateEyE

    holy shit. it is coss! lmaoooo. if you click the coss tag on this post it will take you to other coss posts. this is a quote from a named “tto” on another coss post for a EP he put out:

    @Cali Grown. You’re right. Yhere’s really nothing funny about it…it’s more an embarrassment to this site that an album they supposedly are co-sponsoring is featured on several other hip hop pages but not on their own. smh would have been more appropriate than lol.
    Anyway, I’m just glad to have some new material from Co$$. Easily one of my favorite MC’s, I still have Instrument of Emotion on regular rotation. That album was brilliant; showed a lot of depth and an impressive amount of growth even from Before I Awoke.
    And I’ve still been wondering what ever happened to the Genesis and Insomnia projects. I was looking forward to those in 2012 but all I ever saw from those ideas were a couple leaked singles that never seemed to attach themselves to finished projects. I didn’t even know anything about a collab project with J57. Either way, hopefully this EP is a sign of more goodness to come in 2013.

    sound familiar? you can find him (tto) on just about every other coss post saying the same thing. Coss, coss, coss. my man, you look like a real dbag right about now. shits foul. rappers these days are at a whole new level of thirst.

  • iblameyou

    wow, now i see yall REALLY on MY dick lol, but it doesn’t change the truth in anything i wrote here. and nah i ain’t Co$$ or anybody from his camp. i live on the east coast but i been supporting his music since 2010 and got free speech like any of yall assholes so deal with it.

    the fact remains that 2dopeboyz is wack for treating someone they supposedly sponsor like the stepchildren that Troll and his privateEye grew up being. as a fan, of course imma remember that this site has done it before and it stands out as flagrant when they got their name slapped on the artists’ product to promote their own shit. Tto was right but tell me where else you see my name on Co$$ posts? read around, just because the sentiment is similar it doesn’t mean i’m the only one who thinks that way. this site stays sleeping on and underpromoting ALOT of quality music, don’t try to cover that shit up by trying to say some dumb shit about me being the only one who comments. should i also assume that yall are the first ones to give a thumbs up to the 50 chris brown features they post in here every week? fuck out of here…yall some bitches if you came in to this threat to argue with somebody about being a fan and having an opinion.

  • iblameyou

    pointing out specifics incidents and dates from memory?

    the thing you’re talking about was a Valentines Day project. every song on it was about love and it dropped on Valentines Day. you don’t gotta be a fuckin scientist to remember that type of shit. my apologies in advance though if you’re someone with brain damage who has a hard time grasping and remembering simple things.

  • david

    @iblameyou if this was posted last Friday it woulda went over my head coz I was out, the fact it was posted today means that I saw it. Why does a few days matter?

  • 2

    @iblameyou is totally right. if you’re going to co-sponsor a project at least make some sort of post the day it comes out. otherwise it’s a little insulting to the artist and basically says you forgot about it. on another note, this song is fucking dope