DJ Khaled – No New Friends f. Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne (prod. Boi-1da & Noah “40” Shebib)

blame it on Illy April 15, 2013

With a promise of two new Drake-related singles this week, DJ Khaled looks to recreate the magic he had with “I’m On One” by recruiting the same culprits for the first single off his ucpoming Suffering From Success LP. UPDATE: CDQ.

  • Juice

    I’m highly disappointed riff raff isn’t in it. Fuck this!

  • @shloob_

    song is not even like that but whatever…

  • Drake is on track to be the greatest rapper of all time


  • Real talk Drake has the most solid discog in any genre right now

    Who is fuckin wit Young Champagne Papi right now tho b?

  • marty mcfly

    ^yeah i agree man. Drake stays putting out heat, I can really relate to his emotional side of things. I sometimes just want to light some candles and play Take Care while I pensively stare out of my window and reminisce about my ex.

    Nobody else has allowed me to reach a state of mind like that before.

  • Wiz

    Not feeling this but this sound so familiar to me like I heard it before. Do this sound familiar to anyone else? This song is going to do well though because it’s Drake and Wayne

  • D

    Regardless Drake is going to break the internet once again.
    He and 40 stay winning.

  • FENDI*


  • Tre Nice

    this is that Im On One formula, shit cannot fail

  • Oh, an “I’m On One” re-release for


  • FUCK

    This is soft.

  • lmaooooo! Wait, was Future really necessary at the end? I’m in tears with that little at the end.

  • BygSev

    Hook is WEAK, this ain’t the 1!!!

  • Barzoflife

    “They throw dirt on my name…thats why they still dig me” – Lil Wayne.
    What da hell man?
    I got a better version for Wayne:
    “They throw dookie on me…thats why I’m shit”

  • Cage

    Jesus Christ… I have never seen a grown man rockin red leather pants…

  • malcyvelli

    if drake says “yes lawd” one more fucking time…

  • KatoXV

    that Funk flex sound clip is annoying as hell, even more than the dropping bombs

  • KatoXV

    soon as I comment you niggas change to the CDQ

  • wizard chris

    Did wayne just shit all over sean flow?


    Anybody catch that wayne voice on the end of his verse??? shit sound crazy…

  • spewing

    I’m sick of this fucking generic ass commercial music. I try to give it a chance, and I’m constantly disappointed. Oh well, back to that new Ghostface album.

  • QZA




  • Anything Dizzy on is automatic fire

  • absoul

    “Be honest with ya selves this is the same ol nothing new here! Feel like the music is just redundant! But since its drake they’re gonna claim its the best thing since slice bread. Ok we get it he can sing and rap! Big repetitive game ! I’m not impressed with the genre no more I miss 2pac and Big!!!”[email protected]

  • WUU


  • Famous

    I’m On One Pt. 2

  • paullakers

    this hook is weak af son but its gonna get spins regardless

  • No bitches, this is the Started From The Bottom remix. It says it right in the picture.

  • Dope

    Thank you @Bizzy, how did nobody else get this… Khaled did absolutely nothing so I’m wondering how he ended up with this…

  • sammy

    the beginning of lil waynes flow sounds like his song love me, this song is decent cause of drake but no one had creative lines.

  • #justsayin

    Drake said in on radio he gave Khaled the song (hopefully not for free) but yea it started out as a remix

  • RICH


  • The Truth Hurts

    Was Drake verse better than Ross and Wayne? Yes but y’all acting like Drake bodied that shit! His verse and punchlines was weak as f**k, be honest if kendrick, Wale or J. Cole were to rap this verse y’all would be like this shit weak. Y’all have to start holding drake to the same standards as a Wale, Kendrick or Cole, since he supposed to be the leader of the new school

  • Yomama

    I like it!

  • Swaggy

    This shit live, fuck y’all niggas who don’t think so!

  • T-Dot

    wow, THIS BEAT >>>>

  • marty mcfly

    DOPE !!!

  • Lance Geneva

    @The Truth Hurts – Why the fuck would we have to hold him to the same standards as those rappers if he’s infinitely more successful than all of them ? You’re excused son..

  • PsychoBoy

    todays fans are easily pleased this khaled guy keeps making the same songs with the same old people and no one seems to notice

  • knowledge

    I’m from Toronto and i’ve given Drake several chances because I respect what he’s doing for our city. There’s no question he reps T.O. As for his music, it’s not something I can say i’m a fan of. This new generation of music; hip hop and r&b there’s no question that it’s changed over time, this is the music of THIS generation. For those of us that had the opportunity to hear hip hop and embrace it before this generation, we should be grateful.
    This is the sound of this generation, the sound that this generation gravitates towards…Again, I respect Drake for what he’s done for our city Toronto, but he will NEVER be HIP HOP in my books. Never.

  • gregory kruxx.

    aint nobody notice that Futures on the tail end of the song haaaa lol…
    I fucks wit this…drake killed it….wayne ehhh —–ross a lil beta than wayne

  • krow132

    We have to accept as a whole that Wayne aint got it no more and stop letting him ruin these hot songs n beats. Honestly the song was dope till Wayne. n Drake is way ahead of the people he rap with lyrically

  • Mike Tomlin

    Drakes cool and all but if any dude calls him Champagne Papi you should kill yourself.

  • juan

    is this the homies over hoes remix?

  • SeldomSeen

    This is not hip hop! This is yet another shitty song from a collective of over-hyped, untalented “rappers” with nothing to say over a lackluster, cookie cutter beat. We truly need to stop supporting these types of “artists” and demand they step up their game or step the fuck off!

  • Mike Tomlin

    Nice to see Khaled switching it up. Oh wait…

  • Da Gawd

    This shit is fucking TERRIBLE

  • Ted Turner

    its def NOT “Im On One”…its ok.

  • xxxyx

    Khaled always put them same weak lineup together on these records smh i’m surprised fat joe isn’t here to fuck it up, i swear Drake is keeping too many mediocre mf’s afloat

  • Nikki

    This song sounds gay… Gettin sick of Drake singing/rappin…

  • Steve

    First time writing on this site, but this was my instant impression of this song. Irony. Drake obviously has some of the nicest bars, and will probably be remembered as one of the greatest of all time, simply bc of his commercial success. But hip-hop heads will never feel him 100% bc of the very thing this song is about. Sure, Drake is most likely referring to crew he came up with, his affiliation with Wayne will keep him from being the rapper he could have been. Don’t get me wrong, there was a time when Wayne was spitting the hardest bars out and was on the way to being the best rapper alive, but his legacy will always be tainted bc of the bullshit he has released since Carter 2. And as I see it, Wayne’s allegiance to Baby has probably been a major factor in his downfall. Then there is Rick Ross. Im not even a Ricky hater, I think he can be entertaining at times and even has some decent bars. The way he chokes and struggles through his verse leads me to believe that he has no allegiance to anyone but himself. Did I hear Ross mutter suwoop at the end there? C’mon

  • Lance Geneva

    Excuse me, just something to add to the conversation to get people thinking.. I believe Future was on the end of the track to establish the affiliation that he and Drake have.. If you notice, they’re the best hook writers in our genre right now.. They bumped heads at first because Drake was being an ass, not showing up to the “Tony Montana” video shoot.. Apparently they got over it, and Drake was recruited for DJ Dramas “We In This Bitch 1.5”, which happened to be Futures song that he made for Dramas compilation.. From there, it’s seemed as if they really hit it off because they did “Fo Real” from Futures “FBG” mixtape AND they both handle hook duties for Weezys “Love Me”.. They claim to have a collaboration mixtape in the works, though I wouldn’t get too hype about it, considerting the fact that Drake has promised us an r&b mixtape pre-Take Care, which he never delivered (his musics worth too much fucking money, and he realized that VERY quickly), and he also promised us the “YOLO” mixtape with Ross.. They will never come to fruition, simply because the music is worth TOO much money lol.. Sorry for the rant, I’m on like 4 fucking mollies lmfao

  • Venom

    4 fucking mollies and a bunch of dicks in your mouth.

  • MyFiddyCents

    its fair to say wayne is finished. He just doesn’t have it in him anymore.

  • salaam, 7od

    drake killllleddd this shit

  • to the guy who said he was butthurt riff raff wasnt on this, go home roll up a j, and think about what you just said. dumb fuck