Statik Selektah – Bird’s Eye View f. Raekwon, Joey Bada$$ & Black Thought

blame it on Shake April 15, 2013

This leaked earlier, but we wanted to wait until we got the official green light from Statik to post. New single (which is available on iTunes now) off Statik Selektah’s upcoming album, Extended Play, dropping June 18th on Duck Down/ShowOff.

  • YoungCosby

    This is fucking ill as fuck!!!

  • Akashic

    Black Thought really went in! Definition of anchorin’ a track. Good shit overall

  • GODr

    Black Thought killed that shit!

  • John

    this is an insane track. wow.

  • los

    Black thought smashed it and Joey Bada$$ flow actually flowed with the beat. This was Dope but I betcha it won’t get know burn on the radio like No New friends. Bird’s Eye View > No New Friends. Radio needs to support this type of music

  • lel

    ^ you see people partying to this shit? because thats why the other track is gunna spin. I wouldn’t even play this shit in my car with my homies in it. this is what you play to yourself once in a while when your ipod plays it during its random playlist. one go and its done

  • marty mcfly

    YOGA FLAME !!!

  • DQ

    People always talk about how hip hop changed.. But really it’s the consumer that has changed. This track would have gotten MAJOR love back in the day but sadly in today’s current hip hop climate this track will probably go unnoticed. People just aren’t checking for that classic Hip Hop vibe anymore.. it’s all about what can be bumped to in the club and be played in the car on radio to listen to with your friends and unfortunately in this day in age tracks like these no longer fit that format.

    & @ lel, truth is.. you’re a clown
    But unfortunately you do speak for a large number of so called hip hop fans these days which is why this song will end up being so grossly under appreciated.

  • T9FTW

    I’ve been waiting for a full Statik album since Population Control. This song is perfect, too!

    Black Thought need to do more solo music IMO…

  • this is dope yo follow me on twitter @AmazinMusicNY

  • Exhibit C

    Fuckin’ Sick

  • wolfmanxii

    Black Thought went off!

  • This is very dope. Black Thought murders it.

  • yogurt

    Black Thought just proved once again why he’s a top 5 MC. All the so-called greatest rappers ever have all fallen off over time, but not Thought. Apart from Nas and Ghostface, who is still spitting as ill as they were back in the day? No one.

    Not Jay, not Rakim, not KRS-One, not Big Daddy Kane, not Kool G Rap, not Eminem, not Ice Cube, not Andre 3000. All those motherfuckers fell off.

  • mazoomy

    @yogurt This track and this comment have convinced me that Black Thought definitely deserves a top 5 dead or alive spot. Dunno why I never thought so before, he kills everything he touches.

    This track>>>>

  • dimebeatz

    It was a cool track.. when the other cats were rapping.. but Black Thought came DOPE!.. I just going to bump his verse. HA

  • david

    @yogurt how the fuck has Rakim fell off? He’s slowed down a lot and doesn’t put out as much material but he’s still nice with the pen. You compare his lyrics from when he worked with Eric B to his lyrics now, his lyrics these days are next level, just the impact was bigger back then coz it was a bigger step to go from Run DMC-esque rhyme schemes to syncopated unpredictable ones. If he put out that ‘What’s wrong’ joint with Marco Polo on the Paid in Full album it would’ve been THE stand out track coz the multi-syllables and rhyme schemes are way more advanced. Not dissin his old material, it’s classic, just he’s progressed and you’re unfortunate enough not to hear it

  • zig


  • black thought. nuff said.

  • marty mcfly

    @yogart, Id love to hear all those artists you say have fallen off on the same song with Black Thought cause they can go just as hard.

  • Da Gawd

    First off Black Thought is the best MC alive.

    All three spit some real hot bars on this.

    Best line “ya’ll tomato-head niggas is imPASTAs” Bwaahhahahaha

    The beat is super mediocre though. Heard this on the radio when primo dropped it. I was amped when he read the features but then the beat was just alright. Statik is a dope producer but he gave Jared Evan better beats than this one!

  • marty mcfly

    Black Thought id dope no doubt but top 5 or best MC alive? I wouldn’t say all that and thats no offensive to his lyrical skills but just saying.

  • yogurt


    Rakim slowing down and not putting out much material means he’s lost his creativity and/or interest in rhyming, and yes i’ve heard his new material, and it’s not all that to me. nothing i haven’t heard before.

    Black Thought has been putting out albums with The Roots every 1-3 years since 1993!!! and has never spit a wack verse in his entire career. no one is consistent as him in the history of rap. possibly only Ghostface and Nas come close, as I mentioned earlier.


    those artists might be able to go as hard with a specific verse on a specific song, but they have all either started putting out sub-par music in general, or stopped completely. in other words, they’ve fallen off. you can’t deny that.

  • marty mcfly

    I can deny that because your opinion that Jayz has fallen off is just your opinion especially if your comparing him to Black Thought. I think jay is been more willing to try new things as an artist and is lyrically more conceptual, I think KRS-One has a much wider range of topics and subject matter and is deeper then Black Thought lyrically and I think Ice Cube is much more political and metaphorical then Black Thought. Its your opinion that Black Thought is the most consistent but im someone that actually has all the Roots albums and knows all Blacks catalogue backwards and forwards and imo what you call consistent is alot of him doing the same kinda rhymes and songs over and over. Which is ok cause Im a fan of The Roots but I just say that to say everybody has their own opinion of consistent and what they view as falling off. I dont think every album the Roots make is as dope as Things Fall Apart even though the other albums have their own dope things about them but some would view that as falling off and The Roots do have songs on most their albums that might be viewed as sub-par as well. Some people like you imply that you want MCs to sound like they sounded when then first came off well I dont. I dont wanna hear a Reasonable Doubt Jayz or a Black Thought from Do You Want More because I wanna hear progression not the same shit again. I say all that to say that no I dont think Black Thought is the most consistent just because he makes alot of albums and he can write dope verses. There are other elements involved with you bring up top 5 or “most” anything. Again thats coming from a fan of his.

  • marty mcfly

    This song is still fire though and its a good look for Joey but listening to this kinda shit from Rae and Black Thought make these other new school chumps sound amateur as hell though.

  • YoungCosby

    lel said “you see people partying to this shit? because thats why the other track is gunna spin. I wouldn’t even play this shit in my car with my homies in it. this is what you play to yourself once in a while when your ipod plays it during its random playlist. one go and its done”

    So you play music in your care for people on the street, or you play music to please yourself? Stop trying to impressing people and be yourself.

  • ASM

    I am one of the biggest fans of Black Thought and he’s unquestionably in my personal top 5 favorite rappers list and I honestly have never heard a wack verse from him which you can’t say about a lot of rappers. That said, from an objective standpoint I wouldn’t say he’s a top 5 or top 10. In order to be in that category you have to have changed the game and you have to have huge commercial success mixed with credibility, respect, and critical acclaim. That’s why Nas, Jay-Z, Tupac, Eminem, Biggie, etc. are in that list even though they haven’t been as consistent as Black Thought and definitely have their share of wack material (especially Eminem). But Black Thought is definitely great and I would consider him a legend, Just not a top 10 all time objectively.

  • Frank Kennedy

    damn, howd i overlook this. nice lineup, even nicer beat.