• whateveriguess

    A featureless song. its like a unicorn.

  • JohnnySwaggie

    You should be worry tho.

  • http://DJDonricky.com DJ Donricky


  • Kd

    How many times can he say the same thing?????? gotdamn

  • Dashboard

    When will New York sound like New York again

  • nyc22

    He should worry about his album/concert sales. 50 gets a mil a show overseas. French couldn't get 10k in Paris.

  • french doe

    why ya'll hate on ma niqqa french? dude got bars for days... smh

  • honchodoe

    goat song

  • @SirJhoss

    I ain't got no worries (french mix)?

  • L.J.

    @French Doe - If that was true, he'd be an escaped convict...

  • T9FTW

    This was awful. I couldn't finish the first minute! He sound just like Soulja Boy...

  • Iodyne

    @Dashboard Forward ever, backward never.

  • kayo

    Holy shit this sucks dead ass. Fuck french. This actually made me angry. Fuck nigga making money off this. Damn

  • kayo

    ^^ and anybody sayin im butthurt because of this comment needs to off themselves

  • qwe

    so this is what french montana sounds like by himself
    didnt lil wayne just make this song?

  • gregory kruxx.

    this is by far a fucking disgrace to music......complete fuckin garbage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And Im no hatin on French I listened caus I like French but this is absolutely horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • runt

    this is the worst piece of shit i've ever heard

  • Samco

    This is song is funny but no way a #3 hitter on a classic album - fucc out here French!

  • doc rovers

    waits for generic remix feat. DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne & Future

  • VIstwo

    We get it. You aint worried bout nothing! SHUT THE FUCC UP ALREADY!!!

  • http://hiphopvancouver.com Realtalk82

    Man this is honestly terrible!! How can he think this is album worthy??! He should just do hooks!!

  • doc rovers

    27 guest spots on a single album. that shows a lot about the artist

  • E_Mac415

    da. fugg. is. this? wow.. he should be worried bout how terrible this is.

  • the realest

    they be hatin on a youngin'

  • Mike Tomlin

    MGK >>>>>> French Montana. Point blank, period, no questions asked.

  • worriedboutnuttin

    Nigga I ain't worried bout nothing. Catchy as fuck.