• Ray


  • UGH


  • pHoenix

    BOM BOM!

  • C-1

    Love this. Keep it up!

  • sad TO kidd

    This tape is so well crafted.

    but fuck my life, exam on the 26th at 9am.. n I fucking love wrong bar.

  • milkrates

    Toronto is coming hard

  • blue

    This is such fucking garbage. This guy has no place to rep T-dot, the worst part is I'm from MTL and I'm ashamed of this fucking kid. Who the FUCK calls themselves Rich "Kidd" and misspells kis on purpose, like are you THAT broke that you need to front your whole appearance on your fucking WACK name? This guy's delivery is insanely mediocre, like he has NOTHING new to bring to the table, out of T-dot, he's a heaping pile of nothing next to Drake, Weeknd & The Airplane Boys. What happened to the dopehouse sponsoring and dropping dope tapes like back in '08 and '09, you guys used to cosign the fucking best in the game, now you're whoring around labels and whoever you think might have a potential, I'm not even going to talk about how you guys bend over for TDE

  • k0d3z

    ^^This french frog^^

  • blue

    ^^ assuming everyone from QB is fresh, racist mother fucker.

  • droolBoyU

    been waiting for dude to be poppin...toronto got a wave of new fresh artists and with rich kidds production and rappin i would put this dude on the fore front ...i remember when i saw this guy on the news in toronto at the remix project...around the time i first heard City is Mine by drizzy..now he doin his thing. big ups.

  • Dj Christylz

    Dope project!
    Hey Jean Chrétien, your opinion doesn't count!