XV’s Mixtape Anthology (Everybody’s Nobody x Vizzy Zone x Zero Heroes x Popular Culture) [Remastered/NoDJ]

blame it on Shake April 16, 2013

Looking back in the archives, our first posting of XV came in July of 2008. Since then, we’ve proudly supported the Wichita, Kansas emcee through his journey. One that has seen mixtape releases, a deal with Warner Bros, a 40 Days/40 Nights series that brought on 80 new joints and much more. And while we’re still waiting in anticipation for The Kid With The Green Backpack, Vizzy releases his Mixtape Anthology. A collection of music that includes remastered and tag-free versions of Everybody’s Nobody, Vizzy Zone, Zero Heroes and Popular Culture. On top of the originally released music (that features the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Kendrick lamar, B.o.B, Bun B, Big Sean, Mac Miller, etc), we also are blessed with four unreleased joints that were recorded during each session. Hit the jump.

  • “You know…I got to the studio and I asked the beat if I was dope…you know what it said to me? (bassline drops)”

  • lonely stoner

    Unreal talent! Dont sleep people zero heroes is one of the best tapes period!

  • solking10

    Vizzy vizzy vizzy vizzy

  • Jryhfhhgh

    Sucks that he doesn’t work with Seven anymore. Those two worked well together.

  • Album? Please?

  • outKasted

    can we get a 40 days/40 nights revamp?


    He doesn’t work with Seven anymore? What happen to that relationship?

  • yep

    depressing hearing the unreleased nevermind remix with charles hamilton

  • c


  • ivemar80

    Zero heroes ftw!

  • Boss

    Wait, I only see three unreleased tracks listed. C3P0, Nevermind, and Nothing For U. What’s the fourth?

    • dirtysixchambers

      Supposed to be To Do List ft. TiRon but that has been out.

  • Rekz

    Everybody’s nobody sounds way better

  • KatoXV(my XV has nothing to with him)

    I thought this was gonna be ALL his mixtapes? I Have all this already.

  • ant

    its to do list. that is the fourth unreleased track

  • Boss

    Oh, well I already had To Do List. Thought it would be something I hadn’t heard before.

  • Lance Geneva

    Should’ve included “Square in the Circle”, that mixtape was insanely next-level shit.. XV heads, check that tape out, nigga traverses damn near every genre, melds it with rap, makes it catchy as fuck, AND he’s got bars..

  • joe

    ive been a fan since 08. i swear zeroheros was my life when it first dropped

  • Flip

    Xv is falling off, his last 2 hot songs are f.i.f.a and all of this for me

  • Da Spaniard

    I’ve watched a couple of his videos and listened a couple of tracks all this years but never a whole project, I dont know why… I was lazy I guess…Until today. AMAZING music. Downloading all his mixtapes like crazy

  • MewLover34

    @Flip, Dude you are aware you just mentioned a song off of what is easily one of the best mixtapes in recent memory right? Zero heroes still gets plays all the time.

  • BigTFromKC

    Love this dude, but I agree with everyone here – XV needs to get Seven back in his booth.

  • Huey

    @Boss and @ant The fourth unreleased track is “Theme To Vizzy Zone”. This time, instead of it being XV just talking on the track, XV actually raps.