• http://www.facebook.com/AD1986 Armand.

    "You know...I got to the studio and I asked the beat if I was dope...you know what it said to me? (bassline drops)"

  • lonely stoner

    Unreal talent! Dont sleep people zero heroes is one of the best tapes period!

  • solking10

    Vizzy vizzy vizzy vizzy

  • Jryhfhhgh

    Sucks that he doesn't work with Seven anymore. Those two worked well together.

  • http://twitter.com/hayabusaage hayabusa

    Album? Please?

  • outKasted

    can we get a 40 days/40 nights revamp?


    He doesn't work with Seven anymore? What happen to that relationship?

  • yep

    depressing hearing the unreleased nevermind remix with charles hamilton

  • c


  • ivemar80

    Zero heroes ftw!

  • Boss

    Wait, I only see three unreleased tracks listed. C3P0, Nevermind, and Nothing For U. What's the fourth?

    • dirtysixchambers

      Supposed to be To Do List ft. TiRon but that has been out.

  • Rekz

    Everybody's nobody sounds way better

  • KatoXV(my XV has nothing to with him)

    I thought this was gonna be ALL his mixtapes? I Have all this already.

  • ant

    its to do list. that is the fourth unreleased track

  • Boss

    Oh, well I already had To Do List. Thought it would be something I hadn't heard before.

  • Lance Geneva

    Should've included "Square in the Circle", that mixtape was insanely next-level shit.. XV heads, check that tape out, nigga traverses damn near every genre, melds it with rap, makes it catchy as fuck, AND he's got bars..

  • joe

    ive been a fan since 08. i swear zeroheros was my life when it first dropped

  • Flip

    Xv is falling off, his last 2 hot songs are f.i.f.a and all of this for me

  • Da Spaniard

    I've watched a couple of his videos and listened a couple of tracks all this years but never a whole project, I dont know why... I was lazy I guess...Until today. AMAZING music. Downloading all his mixtapes like crazy

  • MewLover34

    @Flip, Dude you are aware you just mentioned a song off of what is easily one of the best mixtapes in recent memory right? Zero heroes still gets plays all the time.

  • BigTFromKC

    Love this dude, but I agree with everyone here - XV needs to get Seven back in his booth.

  • Huey

    @Boss and @ant The fourth unreleased track is "Theme To Vizzy Zone". This time, instead of it being XV just talking on the track, XV actually raps.