Thoughts On KiD CuDi’s ‘Indicud’?

blame it on Shake April 16, 2013

Last week, KiD CuDi surprised his fans with an announcement stating he would be pushing the release of his new album up a week (due to an early leak). And now that Indicud is in stores (and on iTunes) and most die-hard fans already gave it a “preview” listen, we’d like to ask the dopeboyz/girlz what they think of the latest album from the former G.O.O.D. Music musician. What are your favorite tracks? How does it hold up against his previous efforts? Favorite guest appearance? Let us know it all!

  • doc rovers

    so wack. IMO each studio album (including WZRD) has gotten significantly worse

  • Advance

    It’s not good. Not good at all

  • King Cole

    Am I the only one who thought RZA’s verse is fucking dope?

  • CuDi?

    Terrible. This nigga sounded like a harpooned whale for a majority of the album, and then on a couple of tracks he wasn’t even on!

  • rqw

    70% of the people are only trashing it because he left good. same assholes that were on his dick HARD the past year. fucking groupie faggots.

    I thought it was okay. Except thats my honest objective opinion about the music. not my groupie emotions.

  • Tyree

    Fuck this dick rider above me, album was ass and that the opinion.

    Shit was awful. Album was hot diarrhea. Cudi needs to quit stat.

  • kayo

    Soooooo boring, it’s not horrible just sooo boring

  • DK

    Never liked Cudi but I liked this especially the beats/production.

  • Mac Dre

    It was my favorite album since the first. Definitely not gonna make it on the radio or 106, but he rapped his ass off. Beats are too aggressive though and will be viewed as dark, even though the lyrics are more positive than his previous work.

  • Trill Tony

    My ears started bleading.

  • The Real

    Strong in some places, weak in others, spastic greatness and sporadic ineptitude. I like the Man on the Moon’s better, but I think CuDi fans (of which I am) will enjoy the trippy vibe and run with it after a few listens. The first half of the album is better than the second, I think the track listing could have been order a bit differently, but it wasn’t shit, just not as good as it could/should been. Can’t help but thinking what the GOOD Music features could have brought to the table…


  • Obama

    I approve it

  • Obama

    I approve it.

  • Prince Moe

    Pure. Awesome. Dark. Perhaps there were moments where there is clear room to grow but I enjoyed them none the less.
    Over all, Fantastic art from the King.

  • congress

    We don’t

  • congress

    We don’t.

  • yep

    I disapprove.

  • Pass the Brew

    The definition of trying to hard to be different for the sake of being different..i couldn’t relate to this shit at all this melancholy, isolated album. Thumbs all the fuckin way down.

  • Last Don

    Cold Blooded
    Young Lady
    Red Eye
    Just What I’am

    Those tracks are dope as fuck, It’s mad different and on another vibe not his best work but it isnt trash at all. I’ll give it a strong 6 or an almost 7. I wanted to like Solo Dolo pt.II but that song is just ehhh.

  • 5 Best tracks on Indicud

    !. Immortal …when this dropped, I knew it was the standout track.
    2. Young Lady (ft. Father John Misty) …a song that shows how abstract Cudi’s mind really is.
    3. Cold Blooded …Cudi’s become a hook genius.
    4. Unfuckwittable …I find myself randomly yelling the chorus at people.
    5. Red Eye (ft. Haim) …Cudi wrote an excellent song, which was executed brilliantly.

  • skiler415

    I like the album for the fact that is is not commercial. No beats by some lame DJ no over production by Kanye. This is vintage cudi. King Chip always plays his role. I wish the track gloryus was included in this.

    My favorite track is the instrumental and King Wizard. Thats my Mr. Ranger.

  • see now the truth is coming out this shit was fuckin trash and so was WZRD, he tried sooo fucking hard to replicate his old sound and it just aint there nor does his monotone hooks make me interested. lmao @ ‘fucking groupie faggots.’ thats u homie, the NOPEs speak for themselves. u was DOPING before it even released fuck boi. i didnt even have to listen to half of it to know it was wack. Him leaving good didnt contribute to how bad the album sucked sit the fuck down already. the album was made before that shit even happened rofl

  • geeps

    Red Eye, Beez, Unfuckwittable, Young Lady… all dope as fuck. I don’t get the hate… Perhaps, you should give it another spin. Took me two or three to soak it in, but now I really love it. Better than WZRD. MOTM2 is my favorite probably, but still fantastic.

  • Mister Nicely

    If you’re a true Cudi fan, you will be happy at the fact he is in a much better state of mind. At the end of the day, you should know Cudi is not a full blown rapper. He has always been on that Rock n Roll wave a bit so if you think your about to get a Hip-Hop album before you listen to this, you’ve failed as a listener already. I’m glad to see the Moon Man back.

    • Haylo94

      Wtf u obviously are a somewhat new fan cudi did have a crazy sound but rock was not about of his music when a kid named cudi dropped do your research

  • trev

    im a cudi fan but his shit is gone downhill with every release…. sad

  • Omar

    I thought Man on the Moon 1 was incredible, and was so excited to see what would come of this rapper who appeared out of the blue to me… and he has disappointed me with every release he has made since then. Maybe GOOD music was pressing him to not rap? IDK maybe he was just a one record wonder

  • 2

    will never listen to it again. i always have high hopes for cudi but i can’t really stand any of his stuff after motm1. he’s not a bad artist it’s just not my style

  • Jo23

    I don’t care what they say about me broke bitch 2 cent don’t matter
    Lol that’s what cudi is saying to all the hate. Niggas can open there mind to Tyler the creator which to me is ass but still the homie but can’t figure out cudi’s rock steez niggas need to understand this nigga aim or just go listen to the radio or wayne. Smh

  • KING

    A lot of slander here but this album is tight. Can’t go into it thinking you’ll be listening to hip hop cause it’s not really that. It’s on some psychedelic / pink floyd-esque shit. I’m actually surprised how many people are bashing this, this shit sounds dope when you’re smoking to it and just vibing out.

    If you want some pure hip hop /rap, look elsewhere cause this aint it. MOTM was a different series and a different sound that he may return to for MOTM3, who knows. Like c’mon, how can anyone not like that guitar riff on Unfuckwitable?? That shit’s so dope! Different strokes, different folks I guess.

    *Puts on Indicud to zone out and enjoy the music* 8/10

  • Jo23

    Like niggas get a clue it’s 2013 club bangers bitches and hoes weed cars and money can’t always be it fam open your mind this nigga it really sounds no different from his other shit lyricaly just the production that switched up witch is cool y’all niggas wanna hear cudi on bands a maker her dance ? Mercy ? Started from the bottom ? Not his lane fam when this night 1st came out y’all niggas was saying the same shit then found out he was with kanye and started dick riding

  • morning_coffee

    don’t even like cudi that much and dug this album. the production was pretty fucking dope.

    unfuckwittable (everyone digs this)
    just what i am (even with the obnoxious ass “i need smoke” shit)
    solo dolo II

    all ill. and you guys didn’t like that Young Bolt track?

  • Ausitn

    This album is legit as hell. Cudi has continued with his progression of his music and his own style. Those that hate on this album were probably expecting something like his last album but his music isn’t like that. His music is a progression of life and what he (and we) go through, therefore his style will continue to change throughout each album he releases. In a nut shell, it is speaking to the truth that you can’t get caught up in the past, you have to keep moving forward. I personally loved this album and find so much meaning in his lyrics, song title choices, and the simple artwork of the album. To each his own, but never let yourself get caught in the past; always look forward and move forward, and that is exactly what this album did.

    Much love for Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi

  • Jo23

    Not even on cudi’s tip just disappointed to see all the hate like he’s trash or should quit what would niggas do without somebody in the game that’s gonna push the envelope. There wouldn’t be half of these young cats in the game now if it wasn’t for cudi and they’ll tell you that them self. He still keep the same messages in his songs if you can’t relate go this to drake or 2 chains.

  • Sarah Palin

    I like this LP, it Lenny Kravitz did a great job!

  • genius


  • cam

    I think the album is GREAT!!! My favorite songs are Red Eye, Beez, Brothers &Cold Blooded. This album is on another level!!! I liked the Man on the Moon series and this album probly isn’t better than part 1 or 2, but it’s still on another level!!! I like the Happy Kid Cudi, glad to see him in a different place. The album is soo amazin man!!! I can’t even put it into words!!

  • slaughter

    Pretty disappointing – best tracks were the ones weve already heard (Just What I Am, Immortal, Girls), few others are decent (Solo Dolo, Red Eye), some are honeslty hard to listen to…. I think he made a mistake by producing the whole thing himself, beats are pretty hit or miss, makes u appreciate guys like Kanye and Big Krit that can pull it off…

  • Dark Side of the Moon

    I can see how people may not like it. Because the fans who “only” listen to rap and like cudi expect rapper “type” music. Personally his albums are getting better for me. abstract beats with creativity. Rather than hearing songs and hope/judge for replay value, try to see why the songs are how they are. open your mind and music taste.

  • mad

    i like the album Young Lady Red Eye and Just What I Am are some of my favorite songs I’ve heard from cudi Cold Blooded and Lord of the Sad and Lonely are cool too but the intro and outro are terrible though and the 9 minute song with Michael Bolton might be the worst thing ever

  • As-Hole

    Dope album from beginning to end

  • Slaughterhouse

    Trash. He hasn’t put anything decent out since album #2.

    Nowadays, the only Cudi fans I know are always high. Take what you want from that…

  • Mike Tomlin

    Gets better with every single listen and that means something. First time thru I wasn’t feeling it and had a hard time finding a CuDi verse but after 4 or 5 times thru the album makes sense. To each his own but don’t be that guy that says “turned it off halfway this album is wack.” That’s not how you review an album. Will be in the rotation for a while.

  • This is innovation/originality at its finest!! The production and songwriting on this album is too dope. Dope features and everything. Nobody can do what Cudi does…he’s like Pink Floyd mixed with Outkast and a little Marley. He’s in a league of his own.

  • Youniverse

    This is a review of the ALBUM not CUDI’s projects as a whole, all yall hating prolly hasnt been a Cudi fan from day 1 and thats cool. Go listen to TYGA Big sean and all yall other Radio/Label sluts. This Album classic cudi. not dissapointing at all 8/10. What else you expect from the dude. He does his own and stays the REALEST dude in the biz. All yall hate is good, means he’s still on his own shit

  • all the groupies bringin up MOTM cause that and AKNC are his best works. you cant review this album without bringing up MOTM thats how trash it is. point blank period

  • Wake your mind up

    And when carter 4 came out no one was bringing up da deought tapes and carter 3? get outta here G.

  • brownmamba11


  • 7v5a7

    With all of Cudi albums you have to give multiple listens before it grows on you. I remember when MOTM2 dropped & everybody was trashing it on this site & years later, its now everybody favorite Cudi album. Give it time. This is not mixtape.

  • Dopeness. It’s a solid album. Just a preview to MOTM:III. Quit bitin’.

  • Clayton Bigsby

    KId Cudi. The definition of what will be known as generation weirdo. Can’t sing. Can’t rap. Would suck a dick if the opportunity presented itself. Maybe it’s the skinny jeans that make you all seem gay.

    But he’s the man, talented and makes good music.

    Only if you were raised on Barney.

    Generation Weirdo.

  • Kd

    Most definetely not his best work. Few dope tracks sprinkled throughout. But nah this album aint really too funky, now the OG MOTM…that was funky.

  • AJ

    Idk why he got so much hate! The album is unique and intuitive. I’ve been a cudi fan ever since I downloaded his mixtape. I left it alone until it played “man on the moon” on shuffle. Anyways, I will admit it’s not his best. But my favorite tracks:
    . Unfuckwittable. It seems a lot of people like this song! I thought they wouldn’t cause it’s production is… Different. But it’s an awesome song! Beat is good too.
    . Cold Blooded. Great song overall. Cool beat, lyrics, flow, ect.
    . Brothers. Should be his next single. It could definitely get airplay. Beat it cool, chorus is catchy, asap kills it. As for KC… No.

    Overall I look at the album open mindedly. Not just as a cudi fan but as a music lover. It’s diverse and out there, but ambitious and creative and cool. Plus it has some dark tones that I like and is reminiscent of motm2

    . Bur.n Baby Burn. Idk. I love his flow and lyrics.

  • AJ

    Hm! My last comment got a bit jumbled up. Anyways, I forgot to mention RZA does a crazy job on Beez! And young lady is a cool hip rock song. And I think the album takes time to like. It grows on you. Come on if a 15 yo can look at it this way most people can (then again my music taste is a lot different from my classmates)

  • jwiii

    i always thought his music worked best when balanced with pop influences. this is severely lacking in that aspect and not as enjoyable as his past releases. drags on

  • Dave

    Fuxk all these hatin ass niggaz, album was epic

  • HH

    not as good as I wished it would be. but its alright to listen at whole album.
    I hope he goes one day back to his MOTM 1 thing.

  • jeppie

    Best album of the year so far…if you like any other music other than hip hop and r&b then you’ll like this album. Definitely for those who don’t like mainstream rap and the 10 songs they play on the radio every hour. I don’t get how some dudes don’t see when listening to this album they don’t see how MUCH influence he had over kanye’s records since he got to good music…he damn nearly wrote all of kanye’s hooks…Burn baby Burn, light a nigga on fire with this shit that’s how fire it is.

  • fortiesandbluntskid

    It was pretty good. Most of the tracks were good except for Red Eye and Solar which were both just aight to me. I also didn’t fuck with Michael Bolton’s part of the second to last track. Other than that, some songs are dope as fuck, like Unfuckwittable, Just What I Am, King Wizard, the RZA joint, Girls, Solo Dolo part 2. Overall I’d give it a 7/10 tho.

  • Immortal Cud

    Immortal. Epic
    Just What I Am. Been Epic
    Young Lady. Epic
    Unfuckwittable. Epic
    King Wizard. Epic
    Solo Dolo Part 2. Epic
    Girls. Epic
    Red Eye. Epic
    Beez. You need to diversify your bonds. Epic
    Brothers. Epic
    Burn Baby Burn. Epic
    Cold Blooded. Epic
    Afterwards (Bring Yo Friends). Epic
    Thirteen out of eighteen of those songs were all unique and epic with flashes of greatness sprinkled throughout. Three of those songs weren’t even really songs ( intro, nycrf, outro). So, the whole album was epic with the exception of Lord of the Sad and Lonely and Mad Solar falling a little short. I will add that on the second listen of Lord of the Sad and Lonely it went in. Basically, the album is a breath of fresh air and on another level and it will be properly appreciated in initiated circles. Cudi is real!!! He’s only going to get better too!!! Wake up!!!


    Music is more than listening to a beat and lyrics. It is highly conceptual most of the time. Cudi is not a rapper, or singer, or pop star; he is an artist. He uses music fundamentally through melody, rhythm, and general composition to express himself, which too many people cannot do properly these days. The album is equal, if not better, than his previous works simply because they are all different and carry a unique sound and concept. Lyrically and sonically, he is making the same music, with exception to WZRD, as AKNC and MOTM I&II. The musical arrangements are the only real difference so its confusing to read that people say it’s a shit album and doesn’t compare to earlier works. INDICUD is my favorite out of his works personally, and I feel his line of work is only getting better. I think the production is great; pulling off R&B vibes, soft rock/pop singing (including Haim, Micheal Bolton, Father John Misty features) and melodies,and bass-driven spacey hip-hop-esque beats is a lane that only Cudi can hold honestly. It bleeds together cohesively and slightly cinematically with the few instrumentals. Great piece of work actually. Take it at face value and try to understand the musics’ point of view.

  • Oswaldo Blanco

    The album was awesome.. the sound was nothing niggas have ever heard before, in which is the sole reason for all the slander.. Cudi wasn’t trying too hard to do shit. He upped his sound while staying original to his craft with the monotone hooks and the dark, gloomy beats. This album was awesome bexause you didn’t hear or see the same shit on it. Prime example, when or where have you heard Michael Bolton as of lately? Exactly, no where except Indicud!

  • luck

    weak production damages the whole experience

  • MusicHead

    The album was wack b. just be honest with y’all selves man…only 5 legit songs i can fuck with..sad…I’m up early as fuck bumpin Man in the Moon 1 .. What the hell happened to this Cudi bruh ? Oh well I’ll be waitin for Man On the Moon 3 ..since it seems his best material is when he’s doin man on the moon’s.

  • jay_lenni

    dope album

  • helluva

    overall i think the album was weak it was the same thing over and over again and i don’t even think he was saying words…but ‘Beez’ is one of the dopest raps I’ve heard from RZA

  • A lot of people don’t understand, Cudi is not your ordinary kind of artist. He is one of the few that has an ORIGINAL sound. It’s hard to come by an artist like Cudi today. It is understandable that some of you don’t feel this album. Great album to me.

  • damn, the cudi slander is crazy in here…i thought cudi died after MOTM….well, indicud is the resurrection, a well executed project, front to back.

  • dj yung guap steez


  • Ancient Astronaut

    No one cares if he’s not an ordinary artist if you got to prep your mind in order to listen to music you failed artistically right there..He didnt make this for the public this was some self absorbed attempt to tell people look at me I’m not like you..The sound wasnt rappish but the content was all that braggadocios shit.

  • chu the conqueror

    As a true Cudi Dan I enjoy this album the more I listen to it just like his previous projects. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but regardless whether you are a Dan of Cudi’s music or not you can’t go into his albums thinking it is going to sound like “Hip Hop” or “Rap” because respectively the brotha is in a genre of his own. With that being said Indicud has all sorts of vibes for all sorts of people which I believe makes this album really unique. Some of my favorites are “Unfuckwittable” x “Immortal ” x “Just What I Am”, “King Wizard ” x “Young Lady” and “Afterwards “. But I get it for those days don’t dig it lol.

  • alex

    I think he’s not trying too hard to be the cudi of old, I think he’s trying too hard to NOT be the cudi of old. Only a few songs were reminiscent of Man on the Moon I, which is the best thing he’s ever put out and what all the fans got hooked on. Go with what got you there, Cudi. I saw bits and pieces of that old cudi, but not the whole thing. Cold blooded, King wizard, Just What I Am, Brothers: these are songs that most the public enjoys. DO SHIT LIKE THAT.

  • wu

    BEEZ >

  • ajay ali

    am i the only person who fuckin loved the track “Girls” anyways

    just what i am
    red eye
    mad solar
    and maybe a 2 other songs were really dope to me but i feel like some of these instrumnetals were missing something from them like he needs to fine tune his production skills but im glad he is trying to experiment and create his own sound and do what he feels is good
    its not his best but his other stuff was more hiphop than this so maybe thats y people dont like it

  • Sebastian Smanger

    Damn bruh, I have been a Cudi fan since day one when i heard his mixtape. The dude is dope and his concert was ill. But this album was straight disappointing. I admire his attempt to produce but it just didnt work with this album. I produce beats in my spare time and find that the ones he produced sound a bit beginner/novice. I enjoy Cudi’s vibe when he was coming out with hot tracks like “switchin lanes”, “embrace the martian”, “maui wowie”, and “cudi zone”.

    Nice attempt cudi, still got love for you mane but you need to up your game next time. The beats need to feel like they go together with less synth. I understand your unique style but thats exactly what your MOTM albums did. They were different, but they WORKED. This one is different, but does NOT WORK.

  • Dat

    haters crack me up.
    stop polluting the world with your blind inability to approach something with an open mind. kick rocks, no one wants to hear that garbage.

    Great album. Loved it.

  • jpic24

    there are nasty songs that bring you back to A Kid Named Cudi then he has some studio sH*t that lets you know he has done way to much acid. Still like Cudi and proly always will.

  • sam

    GIRLS is epic imo

  • Jets72

    It’s a solid album. Props to Cudi

  • jj

    Wow…I get the haters who don’t like the album bc they want that club music. That ’embrace the martian’ shit. Shit they could dance too. Fuck dancing. Dope album though.

  • matt

    18 of the worst tracks I’ve ever had to sit through, I gave it several listens to get my complete opinion. The wizard has lost his touch, everything surrounding MOTM is pure magic, hopefully he’ll return to this before he loses his fans for good.

    • Aoiz

      Then you simply have a bad taste. I listened to this expecting the worst because of all the negative response, but I absolutely love this album. I think it is amazing. And I actually don’t mind it not being for everyone – mainstream is not always a good thing.

  • marty mcfly

    This album is so trash its ridiculous. This is the garbage ya’ll consider music? #willpower >>>>

  • marty mcfly

    @jj, were all here for music and you said “fuck dancing”. IMO when hip hop created this notion that music that provokes dancing is a bad thing? Thats when music started going down hill from there. RIP the groove that was once appreciated in music. Now its just simple noise with industry hype behind it. Just because Cudi throws a bunch of scattered sounds together doesn’t make it GOOD music.

  • Dom

    Have to say MOTM 1& 2 were better. But this was in no way terrible.. All the singles dropped minus Girls was dope. Unfuckwittable, Solo Dolo Pt. 2, Brothers, and Cold Blooded were also dope.. How was it terrible?

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ The music doesn’t sound good thats whats terrible.

  • jj

    @marty, like I wrote earlier fuck dancing. The fact that you think hip hop is only good if dancing is apart of it is one of the reasons why most of mainstream hip hop now is garbage. I get it ya some pop chasers. Like there can’t be other facets of the genre. And there you and many others go again writing about the production behind the album. Like ya know how to produce records or have any ounce of success in any field of music. I get it a lot of you cats are scared that bc Cudi left good music to start his own label and do his own thing that good music will be lacking it’s dedicated hook man therefore knocking its success down. Regardless you can’t say kanye is good in any respect without mentioning cudi and his influence on good music. Read the actual credits behind kanye’s song production. He’s noted plenty of times since 808s dropped. He even got a grammy for writing on “all of the lights” and wasn’t vocally on it.

  • jj

    @marty, willpower? Really? Somebody just told me where that comes from. You consider the black eye peas hip hop? Wow LMFAO. That explains it all.

  • Aoiz

    I listened to this expecting the worst because of all the negative response, but I absolutely love this album. I think most of it is amazing. And I actually don’t mind it not being for everyone – mainstream is not always a good thing.

  • marty mcfly

    @ jj, I didnt say hip hop is ONLY good if dancing is apart of it but the overall rhythm is important in music. Alot of times In hip hop if the music contains any rhythm or soul or groove that goes past a simple head nod then its called wack. Thats the overall point I was making and if dancing is still looked down upon as if that wasn’t the original purpose of music then its time for hip hop to evolve again. Cudi throw a bunch of sounds together trying to cross genres but he forgot the basic fundamentals of just basic rhythm and he’s supposed to be some great alternative artist? Or some kinda Rock N Roll artists? NO. Indicud does have some interesting moments but overall its mostly just noise with horrible singing. Now Does hip hop have alot of garbage club music? Yes but its still people that have this notion that music with a very simple and basic beat is somehow better then music that makes people get up and move and thats not the case. YES #willpower is a much better album then Cudi’s on a musical level and on a lyrical level. YOU say The Black Eyed Peas aint hip hop because you dont know what your talking about. Will I Am and The Peas are definitely hip hop. Now you mite listen to his album and think that this is pop music which it is but hip hop is a child of pop music and Will I Am knows this and if were just judging music for music without always having to put labels on stuff or act as if somehow by listening to underground sounding shit that makes it automatically better, then yes #willpower shits all over Cudi’s album and furthermore The Black Eyed Peas shit all over Cudi’s career

  • Aoiz

    Marty, just… Please, stop yourself. BEP’s shit on Cudi’s career? Just stop.

  • marty mcfly

    Let me just be clear incase you think im some kinda radio mainstream junkie. The album im most excited about hearing this year is the Lord Steppington album and I highly doubt there will be anything commercial about that album and it damn sure wont be any dancing involved on it, but when I say something like the BEPs shit on Cudi’s career even though that may sound a little fucked up and could’ve been worded better, Its not like im lying about it.

  • Aoiz

    I’m going to say this again: Please stop yourself. Clearly you don’t really know what you are saying – Lord Steppington or not… So just spare us, please.

  • marty mcfly

    We’ll see how both albums do when they come out in stores. #willpower vs Indicud

  • jj

    @marty, will.i.am solo career is garbage. His first 2 albums had no singles and 3rd one only sold 21,000 copies in it’s first week. Kid Cudi sold more in his first week of any of his album release sells than of all 3 of will.i.am first 3 albums combined. And will.i.am plagiarized again on his garbage album and settled out of court on a previous song with his group. His group may sell a lot of mindless pop records but as a solo artist he does not. What do you say about a dude who can’t sell shit to save his life UNLESS he is with his group? Garbage. Fergie and them sold more records on the solo tip than he did.

    Facts kills stupidity.

    You need a lesson on what hip hop is and least I remind you that after “trying” to trash Cudi’s album you just admitted it had some good parts. Who you fooling? Not me I know now you like the album but is hating on some other reason.

    I am jj and I approved this message.

  • marty mcfly

    @ JJ, At no point did I say Cudi had any good parts on his album. I said some of it was “interesting” but imo the whole album is trash from top to point, every second of that album is horrible terrible sounding audio shit. Now if you wanna talk Will I Am solo career but he’s still the driving force behind the group and his solo albums are still better then Cudi’s. Now you brought up sales not me but on that end of the debate Cudi would be shitted on overall. Then you talk about some hip hop shit but Cudi dont make hip hop, he makes alternative music with an occasional verse here and there but mostly he’s just singing and harmonizing horribly. Is Will I Am a better producer then Cudi? YES, is he a better singer then Cudi? YES, and is he a better MC then Cudi? YES so therefore Cudi is still wack. I’ll say Cudi’s first album was pretty good but EVERYTHING after that has been pure audio trash shit. Never in Cudi’s life will he ever make an album on the level of The E.N.D, The Beginning, Songs About Girls or #willpower. You call it mindless pop but at the end those albums still have more well rounded content then Cudi’s shit and thats even though most of it is party music. And again NO I dont like this latest album from Cudi, its one of the worst albums i’ve ever heard in my life.

  • marty mcfly

    trash from top to BOTTOM. Pure trash….

  • jj

    @marty, Well then you like trash…how does one call something trash and at the same time interesting? Driving force?! If he can’t sell a record on a solo tip and then get 3 other dudes on it and steal other people songs how is that a driving force? You have some agenda here. I haven’t seen a dude go this hard for will.i.am in my entire life. I could understand you naming another hip hop artist but you named a pop star. At the end of the day Cudi regardless of what you think will continue to make the kind of music he wants to make. He has millions and already is successful. He could stop making music today and would still eat off of the writing and/or singing, rapping royalties. You can’t effect shit.
    One word, Unfazed.

  • marty mcfly

    You dont have to take my word for it. The proof is already there and thats not me trying to go the extra mile for Will I Am. He’s just the bigger artist and thats that. Yes I said that he’s the driving force because thats what his own group says he is. Now for his solo career, id say his group gets 3 times the promotion as his solo efforts. I dont know why that is but hey thats not my job to know. Now you wanna talk money? Id be willing to bet Will I Am has about 20x more money as Cudi does. His royalties is probably like a mountain compared to a rock in terms of Cudi’s paper. You want me to name a hip hop artists thats better then Cudi as if thats hard to do or something. I could name several but then again I dont even consider Cudi a hip hop artist. He’s an alternative artist that sings alot more then he raps. He harmonizes on his albums more then Drake does. Smh

  • marty mcfly

    And you keep bringing up sales so Cudi’s last single was what? King Wizard? COMEONSON

  • Trv$

    People need to realize this was an experimental album, he barely learned how to produce that’s why his beats aren’t that strong. When he gets back in the studio for MOTM 3 with Dot, Plain Pat, and Emile his shit is going to be dope again. WZRD and Indicud are just side project albums for MOTM 3 but watch when it’s dope everyone is going to be on his dick again.

  • Lukw

    love cudi….but not this new shit. There is one good song in my opinion “cold Blooded”. I’m going to stick with his old music and if he ends up making something good again I will gladly listen to that. and since this album was experimental I have hope for the future.

  • James

    I don’t even know this guy’s history. I’m simply laying in bed, and one of his numbers is playing on my son’s video game soundtrack. His monotonous, horrible, zero quality voice compelled me to look him up, and that brought me here. Somebody stop him…. please!

  • jj

    @marky, Talking about solo artist, for one King Wizard sold more albums in it’s first week then all 3 of that dudes first albums combined. Am I wrong or right. And that’s off poor album sales. When you are mentioning the dude you keep going to his group which success falls on 3 other members. Dude is apart of a group and will never be a big solo artist. He needs the 3 other group members to be successful. And as for money goes I’m pretty sure anything the dude from black eye peas wants Cudi can easily get. You mentioning peas dude has more money then Cudi effects nothing. You think that what just because one person has more money that that effects another? Wrong. What are you smoking? Cause it ain’t weed. You’re talking about multi millionaires key word multi. Like I said, at the end of the day Cudi regardless of what you think will continue to make the kind of music he wants to make. He has millions and already is successful. He could stop making music today and would still eat off of the writing and/or singing, rapping royalties. You can’t effect shit. The peas dude will never be a bigger solo artist then Cudi. And Cudi isn’t even big like that. That’s fact. Dude is 1/4th of a group. Comparing the group to Cudi is different then dudes solo career. His solo career is non existent. And that’s fact.

  • Jules

    Its such a dark album. I love it. I was bugged out about Bolton at first but he actually made it work. And that says something. No shots.

  • BigTFromKC

    This album is mediocre at best. I remember listening to Cudi when his first mixtapes came out. When Emile, Dot, and Plain Pat were producing, his shit sounded great. People who are saying: “He is just experimenting, give him a break.” Not all experiments work out. As a matter a fact, most of them fail. Maybe he should have experimented with a mixtape instead of a weak album. I honestly don’t know how any of you can say Girls and Unfuckwittable are “Great” “Epic” and “Classics.” They are nearly impossible to sit through – it is strenuous to try and honestly sit through that barrage of poorly put together synthesizer sounds + sounds of him singing like a harpooned whale. Girls sounds like a 10 year old, who is on acid and english is his second language, wrote the lyrics. Go ahead and post the lyrics from that song and show me where his “epic genius” is in those lyrics. Experiment failed, go back to the lab Cudi – come back strong on MOTM 3.

  • Matt

    The lyrics seem so disconnected from the melody in all the more recently released songs. They’d be better read as poems or short, poetic stories than put together as songs. Or even just lyrics without the melody. Cudi has the lyricism down-pat, but he needs to outsource the melodies. I’m still a believer in Cudi, but my favourite songs are in his first albums. We can relate to those.