And Now, The Guy Who Put Hands On JoJo Simmons Speaks (Video)

blame it on Meka April 17, 2013

After Poor Little Tink Tink Simmons responded to getting confronted by an affiliate of Juelz Santana’s Skull Gang, the man of the moment himself took to the YouTube to divulge his own thoughts. This is all kind of entertaining, really, in a “detrimental to society” kind of way.

  • Mike Tomlin

    Are both of these guys retarted? Also, I could kick both of your asses…

  • Keyboard Warriors… smh

    @Mike Tomlin aight internet thug, calm down.

  • graf

    real talk tho. he said if you old enough to pop shit, then you old enough to be dealt with. and why the fuck was JoJo out there in them streets dolo anyway? serves him right I guess. next time he needs uncle russie’s bow-tie suit niggas by his side if he wants to walk and talk at the same damn time. oh well.

  • GODr

    Monkey shit!

  • malcyvelli

    “tink tink simmons” LMAO but the dude did speak some knowledge, if youre old enough to talk shit then youre old enough to get touched, its that simple


    These videos are great. People proudly showing us they ain’t shit and ain’t never gonna be shit. These are the type of dudes who call themselves MONEY ISLAND MAFIA (who? exactly) and then wonder why they catch cases or get locked up later in life.

    Keep it real though…you fucking clowns. You roughed up a kid. Keep it G. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  • silence

    I swear niggas in hiphop do not know the meaning of the word exclusive

  • Just Rockwell

    Another fine example of When Keepin It Real Goes Wrong!! Jo Jo needs to shut up and so do these clowns. This guy should have been man enough to ignore Jo Jo’s foolish comments, but instead he resulted to violence…. just like most dumb niggas would. Keep making black people look like animals. Let’s hope that Rev Run can talk some sense into his son, and I truly hope no other black people are harmed because of this stupidity.