Clear Footage Of Consequence & Joe Budden’s Altercation (Video)

blame it on Shake April 17, 2013

Over the past month and some change, we’ve heard all about Consequence and Joe Budden’s issues on Love & Hip Hop. We saw Joe confront Cons during a Hot97 interview, we saw amateur footage of their (second) altercation, heard accounts from both Joe and Cons and now we’ve got actual footage. As aired tonight during the reunion show, the above clip shows Consequence (1:18 mark) coming from behind and punching Joe Budden square in the back of the head*. After the clip shows, the two continue to bicker back and forth until they try to meet in the green room and settle it like men. Overall? Hip Hop lost.

* Which was followed by Tahiry giving Cons a shot.

  • Jay

    Consequence is embarrassing the hiphop culture and im embarrassed for him as a man…

  • jwiii

    Sometimes emotions get the best of you. We’re only animals. It’s not unique to women despite protests from males within the culture. Doesn’t excuse what he did though.

    Silly shit.

  • wat

    Who cares about Consequence’s sucker slap from behind. I wanna see Joe and his niggas stomping Cons out!

  • Lame…. I ain’t NEVER been in a fight myself, but damn!!!… even I’d come with some better ish than that, LOL!!!!

  • thatrealshit


    nah on some real shit thats bitch made outta consequence. didnt think dude could get any lower at this point but…

  • Slaughterhouse

    Cons really is a sucker. He deserved to get jumped.

    Keep in mind, this all started because Cons got butt-hurt that Joe said he wouldn’t work with him. Sad.

  • Fuck VH1

  • Parker Schnabel

    shouts to dolo beats yo


  • silence

    That nigga consequence got a personality disorder.

  • 2

    dolobeats. they got those bangers yo!

  • Omnipotent

    Consequence is a fag

  • snow

    wow consequence comes off as such a fucking moron…

  • mk

    jerry jerry jerry




    fuck that nigga budden he’s a bitch

  • Belve10

    So you say “I don’t tolerate no types of disrespect” But you jump a dude from behind AND then disrespect that man by trying to say his woman at the time got a slap in when her man didn’t?
    I wasn’t paying this beef no mind, but that is some serious bitchmade type shit. Never known a Queens cat to roll like that before.

  • DOLO

    @BASED … Cons is that you???

  • Prevster

    Haha… Consequence – in 98 you was the man homey – what happened to you… Straight up disgraceful bitchmoves back to back.

  • ManUp

    both are bitches – fight it out like men..

  • Dnice33

    Cons is a bitch with his horse teeth. No man should punch another man from behind. Bitch move.

  • 5Ft.Deep

    Cons is a joke

  • Mike Tomlin

    People spend an hour a week of their life watching this garbage? Man no wonder this crazy shit is going on in the world today.

    And the only Cons verse I EVER felt was on Gone from Late Registration.

  • datsdatshit


    got me so weak

  • JohnnyTarr



    This shit was entirely STAGED. And how are people flaming on Cons only? This is the shit the high & mighty Baby Kangaroo Budden is doing these days? Dudes acting like hoes on a hoe show.

  • Cons unintentional No Love Lost promo, LOL

  • wr

    Cons just got B.A.N.ned

  • Killaaa

    cons stays stacking Ls

  • These are grown ass men…hahahaha

  • fuck

    Cons look like Cee-Lo with down’s syndrome.

  • malcyvelli

    these fools in the audience clap for ANYTHING, after cons just straight took an L after that fight footage, he starts talking on some psuedo honorable mess and the crowd applauds lol, this whole clip is sad

  • @Cons look like Cee-Lo with down’s syndrome.

    Lmfao that is +1 right there…


    cons jealous of buddens talent and joey’s jealous of cons BIG FUCKIN’ TEETH!

  • lel

    yall see after the fight clip, the lady said “Cons” and he did the slow motion look to the side trying to look smooth? nigga that was the most ungraceful sucker punch I ever seen. and Joey didn’t look any better either. “That the shit I like” with his snake face! LMAO!

  • veryrarevespucci

    consequence really just keeps exposing his his bitch-ness in this clip

  • brite

    Fuck this nigga’s life

  • sklrfsls

    dat nigga consequence is ugly as shit! and he’s embarassing…