Logic - Roll Call

The 2013 XXL Freshmen who recently signed a recording contract with Def Jam freestyles over Outkast's 2003 classic, "Ms. Jackson." His upcoming project, Young Sinatra: Welcome To Forever, arrives May 7.

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  • Mike Tomlin

    Ambitious beat but dude is niceeee.

  • Shoeboxmarvyn

    One of the best freshman this year.

  • ptj

    Freestyles like this make me realize how great the original is. Dude is fine, but this makes him look bad in comparison

  • Ignorant Genius

    Been listening to a couple of his joints today.. not really impressed by much besides his flow. Raps about his rapping a lot. Uses wack and overused descriptors a lot such as "lyrically" and "mental"... shit like that. He's better than a lot of cats, but I don't think he's nearly as nice as people claim he is. Flow is tight though

  • prez

    he just said the N word? lol

  • chuck

    as far as i know logic is not white, even though he looks it. i believe he says that in one of his songs on young sinatra.

  • Marv

    @Prez @Chuck he clearly just said he's black in this song... Either you both have selective hearing, or an inability to decipher lyics

  • ODJones

    hes half black

  • SwagOn1Hunnif

    Uhh yeah this isnt't a freestyle... Still dope nonetheless.

  • SwagOn1Hunnid

    Uhh yeah this isnt't a freestyle... Still dope nonetheless.

  • beyenesausage


    Always Touching classic beats and doesnt flinch. He handles himself every time.

  • malcyvelli

    anybody hating on this gotta be either deaf or Donald Trump

  • chuck


    listened to it hours ago. you got an eidetic memory or some shit? you rememeber every lyric from every song youve ever heard? lol

  • I get nothing from him. I'm never impressed. He's technical, but he's extremely boring. I hate that he's the one blowing up from the Freshman cover. I was hoping for Dizzy to get the shine. :/

  • veryrarevespucci

    @swagon1hunnid a freestyle does not mean that it's not written, it just means that it's a verse or verses sans a chorus.

    and does anyone else think this dude raps like a more hyper J. Cole?

  • Whatever

    Dude is basic. Next!

  • Real Logic

    Dude is not black at all. not even half black. He's clearly using this claim as a means of being more credible in the industry, and also a desperate attempt to not be grouped with other emerging white rappers. Not feelin Logic.
    Also after listening to about three of his records on youtube, I am convinced that he just copied J COLE's entire style pre- Sideline Story days. He's a CLONE.

  • Cheese

    @Real Logic, three songs and you're convinced? haha, fuck outta here. Kid's grindin.

  • sha

    dudes be hating kuz they aint him.. everyone who spit crazy bars all of a sudden is a j.cole clone??? seriously?


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