Consequence – Turn Up

blame it on Illy April 18, 2013

Joe Budden’s best friend’s “Turn Up” appears on 2K Sports’ MLB 2K13 video game and is also available on iTunes.

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  • Grumpy Cat


  • wat


  • weebeethem


  • Blah

    Fuck no.

  • JKO

    Is this a joke track?!

  • T




  • wow


  • Antoinn

    LMAO this is [Charles Barkley] TURRIBLE [/Charles Barkley]

  • T-Bone-the-truth-swagger-


  • J


  • Zak

    the dope/nope ratio says it all.

  • Leezy of The Machine


  • I nope’d it without a listen.
    I commented without a listen.
    I’m hating without a listen.
    And I don’t give a fuck.
    Does Consequence REALLY think people are itching for new music by him? I’m downloading that Three Loco EP right now.
    I’d rather listen to 3 white guys make joke raps than listen to this guy.
    Who. The. Fuck. Cares.?
    The dopes on this are trolls.

  • brite

    Fuck this nigga’s life.

  • ricardo

    Go back to 2003 brotha, i liked you better back when your teeth looked like you bit a grenade

  • Blessed Ed

    NO!!! What the Fuck is this Consequence???


    Fuck Joe Budden he’s a bitch Cons needs to smack his ass up again

  • Smiling Mastermind

    No Period

  • mrx

    im already rooting against Cons cause of his lame ass behavior on camera…. so dude has to come with some serious heat for me to even give it a chance, but this shit REALLY REALLY sucks

  • polo hova

    This dude should win an award for the most wackest rapper that thinks his shit is on point. And he punches like a bitch and thinks he really did something. This dude is super wack all the way around.

  • Icey

    I wonder how many dudes his chick blew to get this on MLB 2K13.

  • chris

    Worst rapper alive…ahahahahah, what a joke

  • this beat is a fuckin’ joke. consequence needs to go.