The (Actual) Official Full Version Of The Daft Punk & Pharrell Song…

blame it on Illy April 18, 2013

After the Coachella 2013 teaser, the SNL preview, a ton of fake loops, and a supposed radio edit, Daft Punk finally releases the (actual) official full version of their Random Access Memories (due May 21) lead single “Get Lucky” featuring Pharrell Williams. The single is finally available to buy on iTunes.

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    this is the radio edit which was leaked 2 days ago…can u guys ever get it right? lol. The full song has yet to come out

  • the ghost of meka

    If someone got put on to an artist/group a year ago it means they can’t be a genuine fan?

  • Mister Shak

    THANK YOU for the stream. Not available outside the US


    “If someone got put on to an artist/group a year ago it means they can’t be a genuine fan?”

    thank you. dumbass segregation like that picture leads to nothing. I admittedly just started listening to them last year and went through their entire catalog. I probably know more of their stuff then people who’ve been fans since the beginning. thank you ghost of shake for making the 2dopeboy fans feel like idiots for doing regular shit.

  • Suck a bag of deeks

    One of the very few times I will actually pay money for music.

  • mad

    Fuck this song is great i really wish pharrell would release another solo album or a new N.E.R.D. album

  • Zak

    Uh, isn’t this the same song that leaked? Are they both the full song?

  • Fresh Sutton

    Just for the record… I’ve been a fan of Daft Punk since 2005

  • Killaaa

    damn this song is clean

  • nyc22

    lol Ghost of Shake is way cooler than I am…

  • Ant

    Songs great, never really been a daft punk can but the way pharrell was describing the burst of energy DP have in the studio gets me pretty excited

  • MegaMan

    I dont know shit about DP, I only like their hits. I dont pretend to be a HUUUGE FAAAN neither. This song is great.

  • try

    the only knowledge i have of Daft Punk is that Kanye sampled them on Stronger….which they originally sampled from someone else.

  • try again

    Busta Rhymes sampled Daft Punk on Touch It as well

  • Cam_Newton

    I fuxx wit this


    Give a fuck about the picture, i just like this particular song
    dont mean i have to be a “fan” of daft punk… nice try, i guess :ninja:

    … goes and downloads SEEING SOUNDS

  • DumbFucks

    You fuckin idiots, Sandusky must have shoved his old balls so far up yall’s ass that he knocked brain stem. ITS A FUCKIN MEME kids!!! just laugh and quit taking shit so serious and learn how to internet. Gotdamn Jr High prom queens

  • JBroadous

    At 2:20 the picture dances…whoa