Cheech & Chong – Marijuana f. Mod Sun

blame it on Shake April 20, 2013

Cisco and Lou Adler provide the backdrop as Cheech & Chong link up with Mod Sun for a joint off their upcoming animated movie OST.

Dave’s not here!

  • Fuck this old ass grandpas. Only people that will listen to this shit are fake poser tumblr hipsters that think they’re living in the 60’s. Hate those fuckbois.

    • Wow man… Way to disrespect

      Cheech and Chong are the reason that marijuana is slowly becoming more and more accepted they were slowly helping it along the path to where it is now, if it weren’t for them it would still be years most likely until it was close to legalisation in the states. Respect them, they’re better people than you are.

      Also fuckboys* not fuckbois you fucking retard I understand you’re 12 and think replacing y’s with I’s is cool… But, it’s not no one does that, at all.