• YeDaTruth

    aand Villain Issue 3 of 3 is WHERE??

  • GeeZuP

    ^ Exactly

  • Dull+Boy

    Ayo, I was just browsing when I got to this post but his prom dates face is helps photoshoped.... And poorly. Is that karey russle? LoL

  • DanL

    I need this instrumental ASAP

  • Villian

    Yesss Chris Faust AND Sunny Jones! Maybe Now Begins Pt. 2?? btw i like the ScienZe collab. hopefully more Faust posts soon...

  • Roccit

    @dull*boy obviously you dont have a sense of humor and cant tell that thats Kerry Washington who FAUST is obsessed with. Its supposed to look bad on purpose is what I got from it.

  • KING

    Doctor Faust still cookin' up that heat. I just wanna see VILLAIN pt.3 before he drops anything else