Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y – Live in Concert (EP)

blame it on Shake April 20, 2013

Just under four years after they hit us with How Fly, Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y are back at it with the six-track follow-up Live in Concert. Hit the jump for the official tracklisting and a link to purchase the EP.

01 Cabana
02 Landing
03 The Blend
04 Toast
05 Revenge & Cake
06 For Her

PURCHASE: Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y – Live in Concert EP [iTunes]

  • *flicks lighter*

  • SD

    Now only 6 tracks?! Not much of a concert is it

  • spooky

    disappointing tbh…

  • BobbyWhite

    the fuck! Fuck yo hatin asses^ this shit is hot as fuck. support real music, currency and wiz are dope as fuck

  • KingMidas78

    Thank God for Big K.R.I.T. and his dope mixtape because this shit right here is very disappointing. Expected more when you keep setting it back and there are so many hot producers out and potential there. Don’t call us haters because we don’t like it. You might like Peanuts and I don’t but that doesn’t make me hater, I just don’t like them.


    yall buggin this def that cool out shit…

  • justenjoythisshit

    Didn’t feel the first track but all the other songs are dope as fuck! And I was sure they wouldn’t be able to recreate the chemistry they had back in the day, but damn they proved me wrong. Especially Wiz who is just wack now, usually.

  • Dissapointed that they are attempted to sell this to us. Should definitely be a FRE-EP if you know what I’m saying.

  • Money

    This is not the actual mixtape, they just haven’t released the real one yet.

  • Midwestbeast

    I see 2dopeboyz up early fa this 1

  • Lol

    I can’t say I’m disappointed because I expected this to be wack. Boring ass songs. None of these songs even have a hook I hate that shit.

    These motherfuckers are insane to make ppl pay for this trash. Whatever happened to those songs with big Sean and them? Those were decent. “Flowers” “dot dot dot” “proceed”

  • Ahyis

    I better find this at a store if I have to pay for 5 songs,

  • I think the only reason they’re charging for this is to pay for the samples,otherwise $pitta said they wouldn’t have done it…they not tryna get sued but I personally isn’t paying for this nor am I looking forward to listening to it

  • aaa

    this is horrible

  • CarolCityFlipper

    Shit tough! Niggas don’t want to pay that $5, that’s all.. As much free good music $pitta bless the people, $5 isn’t asking for much..
    Fucking bums..

  • bongwater

    the only thing im upset about is they took a song off… ever since they announced it its supposed to be 7 tracks… and even on the ustream a week ago curren$y said 7 songs, like 7 grams for 4/20

    i want that other song


    fucking stingy ass potheads. spend some money on something useful and trash your papers. 6 songs for $5. cheaper than your dumbass addictions.

    and somebody said they selling it because thats the only way the tracks could be put out.
    you stupid fucking druglord. putting it out for free is the safest way to put it out because then nobody is making money. which they shouldve done in the first place

  • KatoXV

    The shit is dope… and its ONLY $5, like c’mon son you aint got 5 bucks for some good music? and I pay for anything Spitta drops just because he gives away so much material.

  • Wow

    This was terrible, no effort put into it at all. Songs had no hooks, which is crazy because Wiz makes great hooks. The wait was not worth it, I wouldn’t even pay for this. Samples were ok but not that great, they definitely could have done better.

  • KatoXV

    @eFF OH AYCH BIYATCH You must not be aware of niggas getting sued over mixtapes

  • philly

    This jawn hot as shit. Spitta and Wiz done it again. Only problem too little songs but good enough for the price you asking …… HOT ISHHH

  • click name for dope song about fake drugs and fake people

  • marty mcfly

    MAN im trippin balll right now, IM SO FDSOGDK HIGH . AREA; ; ;RAT Wait is this real? did deez niggaz really want me to pay for this? I wouldn’t give give 2 elephants for thiss sghit.

    cougar nuts.

    ^^^Thats what i had this morning. thanks fooorr aksing bfk

    gfsgfd jij Thieg isog jioga’04-kvvv…………..

  • cam

    I’m a HUUUUUGGGEEEE Curren$y fan, but lowkey, this ain’t that good. It’s ok. I don’t understand why there are no choruses??? How Fly >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • This tape cool as hell y’all either broke & can’t spend 5$ or just a hater period

  • Easystylez

    WTF… for some reason when they said it was dropping today, on a SATURDAY for 4/20 I just knew it would be for the free love.. but I gotta log into my iTunes though? Thats how they getting down now?

    Its not even about having to pay but since I had no expectations on this being a retail release, I’m not supporting it as one and will gladly wait until one of many sites puts that good old free DL link up. Foh

  • JetLifer

    Exactly… Great tape to add to the collection of hits… Niggas really complaining about $5 lol

  • jojoba

    Yo I got to say complaining about throwing down $5 bucks for this?? Really?? These two alone have probably put out over 30 FREE JOINTS Spitta dropped like 4 free albums this year alone. This is why hip hop is dying. Artists cant get money for good productuon and niggas only want free shit that’s why every artist has to put out cobbled together mix tapes with cheap synthy type beats and bad mastering. To get an album that sounds like Chronic or Daily Operation takes time in the studio to master and profesinals who get paid money to make that shit. Keep bitching about paying for music and all you’ll hear is cheap ass synthy Lex Luger type beats. So suck it up… skip your sandwhich from Subway and pay these aritist

  • Hamms

    Holy shit I just realized I’m a hater. All this time I had no clue. Curren$y and Wiz flood my iTunes library, but this…I do not like. It’s just not good. But somehow I’m a broke hater.

  • MiamiFlipper


  • MiamiFlipper

    ^^^ @Hamms

  • SonictheHogans

    Niggas are complaining about paying 5 dollars for an EP we all been waiting for..and for artists that have given us so much free great music..smh.. I don’t know what y’all niggas what’ve done in the 90s when you HAD to pay for shit whatever it was.. Hip Hop fans are too damn uppity now.

  • 2dope4nope

    I seriously fell asleep to this shit smh disappointing foreal we waited 4 YEARS for this easy listening shit smh how fly > by a 1,000 miles back to King Remembered In Time thank god that dropped this month!

  • For every complaint there will always be a customer. It always gets me how the same people who’ll cop the latest jays for 200 hundred and up won’t spend on artists they actually like. Both these guys have dropped joints for the five finger discount numerous times. It’s one thing to just not feel the project but it’s another to cry about price. On the real its 5 dollars. That’s petty.

  • NYCityKid

    I thought i was buggin.Cause i’m a Wiz and Spitta FAN but this shit is trash.. I keep wondering if they drove around and listened to this a few times before they put it out. Where they all excited and singing along with it feeling good about the music (because i can’t) Like some one said earlier Wiz’s hook game is on point, his bars on this are not worth repeating. like what motivated them to put this out like this? This won’t stop making me a fan. I just didn’t like this record.

  • escobar 2013

    fucking terrible. Wiz needs to stop recording at this point

  • niggas are haters. you spend money for weed on 4/20 or 200 on jays and can’t even drop 5 on a mixtape. buck up nigga and get ya dollas up. i decided its useless to take away money from my favorite artists because the whole point behind buying their music is to support them so they can make more music good music of the same quality. DL’ing this shit off a blog or whatever is taking away from what they could be making. How Fly was free, those 5 dope ass tracks with Sean were free, these shits are fiye and i paid the $5 for em.

    • poppy

      u got juicy tits

  • ODN

    I think this EP was dope, and if you guys really listen to their old shit you can tell they brought that shit back and complemented each other. Curren$y influenced wiz on this one to go back to his roots. I think it was dope five bucks was not a thing :)

  • Ha!

    know whats really funny though? All the people in the c-sec saying its wack yet the Dope to Nope ratio is like 10:1.

  • Dayoriginal

    lmao “no hooks”

    yall got ADD

  • HF420

    I’m just going to assume that most of the people complaining are girls, because if not you guys are sounding really smallfry right now like my bitch. It’s only $5 my-dun..

  • Country JET

    Huge fan of both of these niggas, got all of their catalog but Im real live dissapointed with this shit I knew it would be hard to top how fly but these niggas didn’t even come close. I feel like I have to force myself to sit down and listen to these songs.

  • Lol

    No ones complaining about spending $5. I have no problem buying music, just not this trash.

  • Jetlife760

    Thumbs up before i heard. mad dissapointing. Wiz cant spit to save his life. Boring as fuck. Xzanax music. HaHa. 2 thumbs down after hearing it. No replay value

  • yoh

    Huge Curren$y fan, i fucks wit wiz too but what the fuck is this?
    it sounds like a buncha leftover tracks they had that were all the HIGH type of tracks and they put em together. So weak, i was even tryna make myself like it but man some of them beats are like elevator music / 70’s porno shit. I`m not hating either im mad lol.

  • reallytho

    and in the preview video yall just posted wiz sounded so stoked about this shit saying “Jay-Z gon play this nigga” HA HA …….

  • Jay I AM

    So Im the only one who will admit even though it was five bucks I still d/l for free. I support at the shows anyway tape was 3.6 outta 5 $pitta neva disappoints but wiz is 1 for 15 now bad part is he only had 6 shots on the tape doh’

  • Jeff

    I didn’t even smoke the first time I played this through, but I was still high by the end of it. No bullshit.

  • Jets

    Man wtf is this? I’m a huge fan of both these guys but this shit is pure buzz kill. Wtf is up with these beats?

  • fart

    Wiz became irrelevant since he ate that kanye’s ex-bitch pussy

  • Truth Siren

    The beats are dope as fuck Spitta and Wiz coulda came a little harder with the lyrics and added more tracks but the shit is a solid listen real chilled out laid back shit as expected

  • 2

    this shit is dope you guys kidding me????

  • broke college kid

    thank god for spotify

  • Keep it g:
    this shit wack.
    Dead, buried in satin and laid down in a bed of [email protected] complaining about the price. Like you niggas not gonna ILLEGALLY DOWNLOAD this shit, anyway.
    “They sayin shit change cause shit change” – “Toast”, Wiz Khalifa feat Curren$y, “Live”


    Nah but forreal:
    We waited almost half a decade for a sequel to “How Fly”. A 6-tracked EP isn’t a real successor to a project that’s almost double in size isn’t a good idea.

    Just sounded like some throw away shit so people can stop asking about How Fly II.

  • Kutta

    Super fly!!!!!!!!!!

  • getreal

    A short but good EP the production is straight the lack of hooks kinda sucks but it doesn’t take away from the samples and the jazz flute at the end of 5/6 tracks. A physical copy would be better. You critics are gunna say its wack even when you download it for free anyway then you start playing it in the car when your girl and friends tell you they like it. Five dollars hurting your pockets? but you don’t mind paying 170 for the same jordans that have been retroed three times and stupid ass louie and gucci belts to high your insecurities.

  • LIC=Dope

    Have you guys heard Wiz in the last 2 years? Mostly trash, this is the closest he could come to “old” Wiz. Besides How Fly was released 4 years ago, if you expected the same thing that shows how much you evolved over time.

  • Real Nigga

    Shit was mad disappointing, I’m cool with paying for music. But this project was just so underwhelming compared to How Fly. I know these two give a lot of free music, but to put this on hold for like 2 to almost three years, and only have 6 songs!? That’s a big letdown. I’ve been hyping up the sequel to how fly 2 forever since Wiz mentioned it on Kush&OJ, but i just feel liked it was half assed, and this coming from a huge Spitta fan. I would of been better off with just a Covert Coup 2. Just sounds like elevator music with lyrics over it smh

  • wackness

    Curren$y is probably thinking something like “Thank God I never need to have this bummy MC on my tracks again”

    Seriously, this was pretty weak. How Fly was great, from the beat to the lyrics, to the vibe. But Wiz is intolerable these days, and kills the vibe every time he starts rapping.

  • Pete 2X

    Is this all Donald Byrd samples???

  • john

    Too short but this is that audio dope…the rappers have changed since last time but production got me sleepin. smooth ride on this

  • Flip

    Blame spitta, you can tell he influence this wack shit….With these 50 dollars as beats….Wackass hooks…Where the fuck is cardo, sleg and big jerm…Her needs to make more like Choosin’…..I like curr but i cant support this

  • Prolific

    Wow this is dope! They looped up Bobbi Humphrey’s Fancy Dancer album and killed it!

  • Enya A TGOD

    What r u guys talkin bout?! Wiz n Spitta killed this shit! Y‘all sayin shit when tellin ur theit huge fans but u don‘t fucc with this mixtape, y‘all probably just haters… N like errybody is complainin bout the price.. 5 FUCCIN $ IS TOO MUCH??? If ur a real Taylor or Jet u gonn buy this shit n remember all those times Wiz n Spitta gave away free stuff n now when they put a price the first time, not to even mention thass 5$, ur just really selfish, mane, think bout them, if u buy this mixtape, is like ur buyin this n errythin b4 they have done bcuz it was all free n just stfu n be satisfied… Imma real Taylor n I‘m a huuuge Wiz fan n I also think Spitta is dope n Imma buy this mixtape to show them respect they deserve… TGOD NIGGA