Beatminer League: "A Kilo Is One Thousand Grams"

Who would've known that an educational record for children teaching about the metric system could be so damn funky? If you diggers happen to stumble upon this one (which is rare as fuck), pick it up! There are multiple versions of the I Weigh With Kilos as well as a killer drum break. Enjoy!

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  • Howard

    Ghostface killed this

  • realtalk™

    Thanks def gonna bump Fishscale now

  • spewing

    If Fishscale dropped in the 90s I think it would be considered one of the best albums ever. I feel like it is constantly overlooked because it dropped in 2006. Near flawless from start to finish.

    Fishscale = Ironman = Supreme Clientele >>>>


Tyga - "Gucci Snakes" f. Desiigner

The newest member of G.O.O.D. Music unveils his debut single with them.

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