Beyoncé & Andre 3000 – Back To Black [Snippet]

Three Stacks and King B cover Amy Winehouse's 2006 classic for the soundtack to The Great Gatsby... and I'll be honest; I kinda wish they didn't. Not that the two artists aren't capable of doing a good cover song, but I just don't like cover songs.

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  • MReal

    When it come to singing ain't female fucking with Bey

  • DBS

    Miss Winehouse is turning in her grave right now, this shit is terrible.

  • NICE

    B killed her part!

  • whocares

    I agree with DBS. They should have left it as is or not touched it at all..

  • Cousin Southern Smooth and Blue mama got this, it'll get more air play with the Dungeon Fam rockin than it did in a carafe of Shiraz wrapped in nirvana.

  • Three Stacks and "King" B???

  • marty mcfly

    Maybe Andre made a hip hop album and put it in a time capsule to be released in the year 3000.

  • Rosebudd

    I thought it was cool

  • wake up

    Beyonce is the most overrated singer

  • Lauren

    I liked it..

  • AndIAintIcingShit

    Amy >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Beyonce. And not just this song.

  • jza

    *King* B?

  • sam

    the hell is this??

  • everyone

    this is a turd sandwich. awful.

  • killyaself

    faggots always putting the dead over the living. yall been brainwashed into making somebodies life better than it really was. Amy is in no way better than Beyonce. She hasn't even put out enough material to be considered for that

  • if this song wasn't for the movie, i would have been utterly disappointed but the vibe seems to match the great gatsby story. and lol @ 'king b'

  • DBS

    @killyaself - Quality over quantity, I thought Amy was the superior artist long before she died, that's the reason why there's two Winehouse records on my shelf and zero Beyonce albums, Bey hasn't put out anything that's even close to Back To Black and never will.

  • adi Pre

    This is fucking VILE, absolutely pointless of releasing this. Amy over Bey ALL DAY.

  • leo

    AWFUL..nobody can sing like Amy did...Poor Amy..they should choose the original one...HORRIBLE...nobody like Amy

  • blue

    Amy is a huge waste of life, she deserved to die, when you dance with death like that, you're looking for it, wasted voice, wasted talent, wasted Oxygen.

    cosign the shit out of killyaself


    no se q esto ok pero esta orrible beyonce , AMY WINEHOUSE ES UNICAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Cuban B

    dre's got a style all his own, and a lot of people don't like it. damn shame if you ask me. its unique and not "the same old sh*t" that you hear from the majority of hip hop/r & b artists these days. dope programming, i dig it. everybody wants to cover their favorite songs. some to show what the song means to them and it sometimes ends up different(not necessarily better). i'm sure amy winehouse is honored that two great artists wanted to collaborate to do her song.

  • "dre’s got a style all his own, and a lot of people don’t like it. damn shame if you ask me. its unique and not “the same old sh*t” that you hear from the majority of hip hop/r & b artists these days." Uhhhhm, I'll take an average rapper with decent rhyme skills and flow who releases music on a moderate basis than an artist who's "got a style all his own" but doesn't release shit. Fuck that! Want me to give 2 fucks about your style? Give me something to gauge your "style" on nigga. Fuck 'Dre!


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