Kanye West – The Prerequisite (2001 Demo Tape)

blame it on JES7 April 21, 2013

Thanks to the fine folks / contributors over at KanyeToThe forums, Yeezy’s demo tape from 2001 has finally surfaced on the internets. The pre-College Dropout tape features demo versions of Jesus Walks, Hey Mama, All Falls Down, Family Business and more. Props to SoulCultureUK on the heads up. Hit the jump for the tracklist and download.

01 Home (Windy)
02 Jesus Walks
03 Have It Your Way
04 Out Of Your Mind
05 Wow!
06 Need To Know
07 Gotta Pose
08 Never Letting Go (The Stalker Song)
09 Hey Mama
10 Know The Game
11 Family Business
12 Dream Come True
13 Freestyle
14 Last Freestyle
15 Heartbeat

DOWNLOAD: Kanye West – The Prerequisite (2001 Demo Tape)

  • wat


  • Ryuk

    Why, yes. Yes II will.

  • Had most of these songs Hellas ago #OLD<<<<

  • Real Shit


  • DW

    Downloading right now

  • T

    @Kaybee: Does “demo versions” not mean anything to you? Dumbass.

  • Paiva

    password protrected…smh

  • Deedahottest

    Lol @ “the fine folks over at ktt” them preteen niggas literally leak everything over there on that site

  • SimonBelmont

    what’s the password?

  • damn homie

    Crazy how he would throw in raps about guns and shit to fit in, but once he stopped all that and just started being himself is when he started getting places and eventually blew up and became an icon. People like it when you’re real!

  • Paiva

    they got me lol…they did the same thing with me when “Good Ass Job” first “leaked” well the album never was even created and it was a bunch of songs that were password protected. Who knows if they were even really recorded.

  • wat

    Not password protected for me…

  • Icey

    The aac folder isn’t passworded. Ya’ll don’t use iTunes? smh

  • yesssir

    this has been out at “The Freshman Adjustment” for years now…

  • TDC

    yeah… all of these songs are on the Freshman Adjustment volumes. This smells like a fake

  • wqr

    real songs fake ass fan made shit being falsely represented as a focused project

  • wqr

    real songs fake ass fan made shit being falsely represented as a focused project with a bogus title

  • lcd

    via the original thread on KTT, this is how the tracklist is different from other versions (hence it being a DEMO):
    Home (Windy)
    Jesus Walks (Original Version)
    Have It Your Way (Demo Version of Bring Me Down)
    Out Of Your Mind (Unmixed)
    Wow! (New Verse!)
    Need To Know (Orginal ORIGINAL “Gangsta” Version)
    Gotta Pose (Snippet, was going to be single I guess)
    Never Letting Go
    Hey Mama (High Quality Original)
    Know The Game (Unreleased)
    Family Business (2001 Unreleased)
    Dream Come True (All Falls Down Demo)
    DJ Boom Freestyle (Jigga That N*****)
    DJ Boom Freestyle (I Met Oprah)
    **BONUS TRACK** Heartbeat (instrumental made around the time this tape came out)

  • hill

    I enjoyed listening to the demo tape.

  • Frawd

    Shout outs to 2dopeboyz for actually linking back to the forum.

    Fuck a Complex


    I wondered where Never Letting Go came from

  • NoWuff

    I don’t want to download dude’s demo. Is there somewhere we can stream?

  • who cares

    Finally some new Kanye that I can actually listen to!

  • I wonder how much Kanye racks in in royalties from commercials, this nigga is the soundtrack to modern consumerism