Logic – Nasty (prod. Don Cannon) (Video)

blame it on Meka April 23, 2013

Welcome To Forever drops May 7th.

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  • Shoeboxmarvyn


  • Jake

    This kid is a problem man. Crazy!

  • Dialekt

    Been saying it since his first post on here and been saying it since YBI, Logic is next.

  • AndONeill

    Also been following logic for awhile and he keeps gettin better,, this right here is nice! His tape gonna be one of the best out this year,.. First 3 tapes stay in my playlists too! Rattpack..

  • wu

    Flow is good, but his metaphors aint nothing new.

  • This feels just like when Diggy Simmons came out

  • Cosign.

  • lame

    idk man … first verse i couldent afford cable….second verse we been had it before …idk it just doesnt add up …i dont trust the hype… put cole ..drake ..all in in a blender sprinkle some diggy and came out this nigga…

  • aHometownhero

    what exactly is the content that he raps about? like dude makes words rhyme well but what im i suppose to connect to

  • jizzy

    true. this dude does sound like Cole. Cole wasn’t really saying anything in the majority of his music. They both go in and could probably roast some rap favorites but would probably talk about nothing in the process

  • MJ22

    I heard this sample in “Thank God For That White” of Fat Joe. Where’s this sample from ? I’m sorry, maybe i’m a ignorant..

  • truth

    every one of his songs are the same … they are about rapping and how nice he is… no lessons . atleast cole had stories. this dude is just average isnt bringing anything we havent heard. everything is just water . nothing special. @ lame i totally agree

  • amazing production with a few bars sprinkled here and there. i like his flow but like someone mentioned above, this kinda reminds me of diggy when he came out.

  • nah son

    surrounded by cain (cane) like abel?? slick line but the statement I aint buying.

  • andy

    Sit back and hate logic is the shit period

  • Chris

    This shit is dope but I could do without all the hand movements and shit…

  • three

    he sounds like diggy kinda. not a bad thing just what i hear

  • malcyvelli

    @nah son lol at you and people that think they know a rapper they most likely just heard of, this dudes been through alot of shit actually and he doesnt even go that deep into it in his raps, both of his parents were addicts, he was in the drug game a little bit too i think and he was taking care of himself by 16 or something,definitely has a rough past to back himself up though

  • Acid Rain

    Niggas Raggin on my boy though…his style has been the same…compare him to who you want to compare him to…then go listen to his tapes from years ago and see how far he’s come…if you dont know about him, dont try to make it seem like you kno where he came from and all that…kid is nice…

  • hugo

    “second verse we been had it before …idk it just doesnt add up …i dont trust the hype… put cole ..drake ..all in in a blender sprinkle some diggy and came out this nigga…”
    This is well said. TOOK THE WORDS RIGHT OUT OF MY MOUTH.