Wordsmith - Some Random Thoughts

blame it on Shake April 23, 2013

Just some random thoughts form the DMV native.

  • This guy is a name jacking fraud.

    • Diallo Kreed

      Name jacking? Where you get that bad info from? Bring your proof if you're truthful!

  • David

    Hot! Dope beat! Sick lyrics!

  • Young Ceaser

    I like...wasn't expecting that...really dope live production...#REALHIPHOP

  • lil’faggie

    man, Im sick of these old dudes shitten on us young kids. Ive never listened to 2pac or biggie or nas, but I sure as hell bump some 2chainz, earlthesweater, know, true geniuses....i mean really...who the fuck is biggie. furthermore,I hate listening to lyrics in rap music....fuck lyrics...give me a trance beat i can pop a molly too and just get retarded. whose with me?