Eversno x Dylan Tran - TheBlo(w)Project (FreEP)

Eversno and producer Dylan Tran link up for eight new tracks. Stream/download after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Eversno x Dylan Tran- TheBlo(w)Project (FreEP)

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  • 11thGen

    Been following Sno for awhile now, production always on point. Nice to hear Jonrah do his thing on a few of these tracks! Great music

  • beyenesausage

    Dylan Tran is producing only on this right?

    Eversno. I fuck with it! Keep going man!

    (I LOVE that Tygu shit)

  • RealDealHolyfield

    Everyone needs to check this out! Good shit.

  • Sauced

    Eversno isn't that bad and the beats were good.

  • beyenesausage

    You know that is Charles Manson in the beginning...

    I am curious about why put the sample in there.

  • OVO

    Dig the cover.. Few good tracks.


    Dont sleep on these guys! Nice Tape

  • Bandito

    always comin thru wit some fire shit i love the new spin on FBG$ always a favorite of mine since that perfectly awkward EP. im def diggin it and i cant wait to hear what these fresh atl cats put up next. job well done.


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