Ray J Will Continue To Troll Our Nightmares Because We Keep Letting Him…

blame it on Meka April 24, 2013

Absolute death at the irony of a company affiliated with Raynathan James being called “Fifth Amendment Ent.”

By now, I’m sure you all have heard Willie Norwood’s latest, uh, “single.” If not, apparently enough people have for the song to land on the Billboard charts this week. Now the guy – and of course he’d do this – will drop an accompanying video for “I Hit It First,” and my heart gently weeps because of it.

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  • wat

    I Hit It First is actually a nice song though lol. Bet anything that hook has been stuck in your head at some point.

  • damn homie

    Ray J and JoJo Simmons need to do a song together call Takin L’s.. Lol

  • Clayton Bigsby

    Shame on Ray J for pointing out your favorite rapper likes whores.

    That child support check is going to be crazy.

  • This entire situation is comedy

  • weakkkk!!!!

    No it’s not. It’s a terrible song. You have no taste and you should be ashamed of yourself lol.

  • Check


  • True

    this song will make more money on itunes than you faggots will make in your pathetic lives

    Don’t forget

  • Chris

    I was kinda glad when he made the song, but after he tried to front like he didn’t make the song about her he took a loss

  • cvill

    horrible song, but the line in this clip is clever

  • flo

    ray j is mad smart

  • Elko

    “Chose to go West” – shot of a road direction sign with Chicago on it. This is going to be hilarious.

  • oneball