Who Wants A (Free) Copy of Sadistik’s Flowers For My Father?

blame it on Shake April 24, 2013

Celebrating his birthday this past Friday, Sadistik turned the tables and is offering a gift to his fans. Pressing up as many copies of his latest album, Flowers For My Father, the Seattle emcee is letting y’all order up to five physical CDs for the low low price of $.01 (+ shipping). So if you’d like to own the impressive record, click here and fill in your information.

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  • I don’t get it. $.01 Does not equal free. Plus, when you add the items to your cart. 5 CD’s cost $1.01, but 1 CD costs $.01… That chit don’t make sense.

  • wake up

    Quit bitching.

  • @wake up, bitch fuck you. I bought 5 copies to support a good artist. I was just saying lets call it like it is. If you pay for something at all, it isn’t free dumbass. And I was just curious as to why 1 CD would cost $.01 but 5 would cost $1.01, the math doesn’t add up you dumb fuck.

  • jdz

    How the fuck does this have so many nopes?
    Have you guys heard this guy rap?!
    There’s some fucking retards out there man…

  • wake up

    @jason someone’s butt hurt wahhhh…..fuck some emo rap

  • @wake up, you’re incredibly ignorant. Stop trying to act like theirs only one type of rap and actually listen to the lyrics. It’s a shame people like waka flocka get their time to shine, but cats like this have to work their asses off just to be able to gain a small fan base. I’m not butt hurt, you’re just a dumb fuck. Trolls like you get off by sitting behind a keyboard and talking shit because you not have an intelligent argument to make.