• http://Twitter.com/jjbro1 JJBro1

    That was pretty dope!

  • shieeet


  • Good stuff

    man imagine being part of that crowd and getting involved with a recital of the best known hollywood rap battle. Everybody got to be the crowd from the movie man thats sick

  • Chris

    Corny as fuck!

  • WeakWon’tDo

    He's even trying to look like Eminem, smfh...

  • fuck you

    I don't understand what part of him looks like Em. his skin? you fucking idiot

  • Ant

    That was different

  • doc rovers

    Shake, it's "Covers" not "Cover's".... and the song is called "Lose Yourself" not "Lost Yourself"

  • BoshJamesWade

    Sidenote: St. Andrews Hall includes the Shelter, where the actual battles from 8 Mile took place. Maybe thats what helped gave him the influence to perform them. Looks dope. Hate that I missed the show.

  • who cares

    Another reason to hate this slimy fuck. It's like he feels he has some sort of obligation because of the color of his skin. Fuck him and any ignorant twat who claims to be a fan.

  • foreal

    that was too sick yo, foreal.

  • Rig

    Yelawolf needs to get this guy already!