Beyoncé & André 3000 – Back To Black (prod. Hollywood Holt)

blame it on Illy April 26, 2013

Beyoncé and André 3000 cover Amy Winehouse’s 2007 classic, “Back To Black” on their collaboration of the same name off the upcoming The Great Gatsby official soundtrack out May 7. Hear a radio rip of the entire song below.

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    this is awful

  • I wasn’t a Winehouse fan so to me THIS is pure Andre 3G funk with Queen B’s sultry assist I fucks with it and you nirvana fans smell like teen spirit, cause two Real Musicians jumped all over this track.

  • DK

    Wasn’t really feeling it but the tags absolutely ruined it. Damn just say it once or twice and let it play…I’ll be going out of my way to avoid their site now.

  • shayla213

    why must beyonce make this song sound like sits about sex?
    she has overstepped her lane with this. They should have kept amy’s vocals and added 3 stacks and changed the beat a little. It would have been MUCH better than this

    • Vic

      So. True

  • blue

    So ghost of shake, whenever there’s a tagged song on this website you’re supposed to put “[tags]” in the title, I hope you don’t make this mistake again.

  • Chuck E

    Although I like the way B handled her verse….this version is STILL the most awful piece of created music in quite some time (& that’s saying a lot). I can’t imagine how ANYONE who was invovled in the least bit with this project; with this song; could have ever thought this should have been shared with the public and it really makes me question the sanity of these artists, in whom I all respect. Saying Amy is rolling in her grave is the least you can say over this. Shame to everyone on this one.

  • spewing

    @Chuck E

    Lol, it’s not good, but it’s not that bad

  • marty mcfly

    Beyonce did what she could to help this situation but it was too late because Andre just sounded terrible to me.

  • adi Pre

    Fuck outa here, neither of these two should have touched this track let alone any other Amy track, vile absolutely vile.

  • marty mcfly

    Nah its definitely Andre who should’ve stayed off the track. I’ve never heard a Beyonce song thats sounds bad and thats cause her natural tone of voice just fits over music. Im sure she’s done songs that were lyrically not written well but I’ve never heard her singing sound like shit.

  • blair

    i must be the only one who thought this was dope af. word to 3 stacks and queen b. kilt it

  • schevv

    this production is complete garbage. sounds like the beat was made over 3stacks verse.

  • Kastfan

    The fuck is Dre doing? This was awful.

  • And 1

    They had me from the beginning on the first drum of this track.

  • And 1


  • thatDude

    this shit is so whack, I had to go play the original so that I could figure out which track they were fucking up. Leave some shit alone

  • david

    Hope they don’t play any of these songs throughout the movie. Didn’t have high expectations for the soundtrack when it was announced that Jay was in charge but didn’t see it being this bad. You’d think everyone would bring their A-game seen as though they’re representing their genre and everyone who follows it

  • Hollywood Holt. Shitty beat. Should leave the dubstep/hip hop fusion to me.

  • “I swear I can see tone deaf chumps swinging from the decaying testicles of a drug addict who ate up her soul for a minute time in the Light” please get in your drug induced haze and listen to Atliens and then tell me again why this song isn’t dope. Other than you mad that you haven’t died in a drug induced stupor choked by your own vomit to validate how great you couldn’t have been cause your novelty has run aground and left you a lifeless corpse ravaged and inept.

  • And it may just be the horrible DJ interruptions that is killing the whole vibe for me. Fuck DJs like this.

  • N

    This shit made me puke.

  • bbuhi

    this site is for faggots

  • jabba

    i like it, fuck y’all