Big Sean, Eminem, Mr. Porter & Royce Da 5’9″ in the Studio (Pics)

blame it on Shake April 26, 2013

As the title states, Big Sean, Eminem, Mr. Porter and Nickle Nine were all recently in the studio together. No word on what exactly was worked on but Big Sean has hinted at a possible collab with Eminem in the past and both of them have albums scheduled to drop this year. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  • 0gawd

    what up sean? y u lookin so mad son? oh word, em killed u on ur own shit? dont worry, u aint the first one…

  • sae

    ^wtf? niggas will do anything not to give a nigga credit.

    first its “em will never collab with this wack nigga” then when it ha happens niggas jump to “em murdered you on your own shit”. The defnition of hating smh. Just say congratulations and shut the fuck up.

  • ducey

    the first poster is a weirdo. Where is Sean mad at? Must be a nerdboy or sometime. Congrats on the collab with Em. Album should be dope.

  • malcyvelli

    ^or it could be telling it how it is/how its gonna be, sorry you cant cope lol

  • JHP

    Sean doesn’t look mad to me, he just looks expressionless. They’re in the studio working, is he supposed to be smiling like a faggot the entire time, and I know I personally don’t cheese like that when I’m taking pictures. Any furthermore, everyone knows Sean can’t outrap Eminem, almost nobody in the rap game can, it’s not something that requires bring up. You just don’t like Sean and don’t wanna give him credit for any successes he has or power moves he makes.

  • dh

    i’m like 70% sure this song is going to be shitty

  • dh

    if it’s a song, who knows.

  • Chris

    Eminem is officially done… DONE!

  • Ducey

    I remember when Big Sean used to get a lot of love of here during the early mixtapes days. Once he blew up the hate has gotten bigger and bigger on here. I won’t be surprise if Sean murders Em on this track. I can’t remember the last dope Em verse.

  • Wtf does Big Sean deserve credit for? ASS ASS ASS? Smfh…

  • Ducey

    I guess you didn’t listen to Sean’s last mixtape. Killed most of his features last year too. Do y’all even listen to these rappers body of work? I don’t judge rappers by their singles only.

  • Wonton Soup

    is this nigga really wearing pants with ninja turtle kneepads on them? smh i’ll never understand “fashion”

    also regarding the song…if em was not sober and didnt get to choose the beat…then it has a chance to sound good. otherwise it’ll be trash.

  • PsychoBoy

    lol lil sean looks so outta place and his gonna sound even more outta place smh

  • ort

    @PsychoBoy whatever helps you sleep better at night

  • willmofo

    The fuck is everybody talking about for real?

  • runt

    This fool will sound like an amateur next to Em and Royce on the same track.

  • Slim needs to stop wearing those fucking hats, he looks like a dyke

  • triPAUD

    lookin forward to this. Sean stepped up and found his groove on the detroit tape.

  • D-Bo

    Big Sean still wack tho. A feature can’t change that.

  • who cares

    Am I supposed to be happy about this? Em hasn’t spit a nice verse in years, Sean is whack as fuck, and Royce has been inconsistent for a while now.

  • The D

    Noone has brought up essentially why this collab is happening, everyone there is from detroit. Thats the obvoius connection. all the artists have a hometown in common. So this collab was gunna happen sooner or later. it’ll prolly be dope

  • keeto

    Sean & Royce did “My Own Planet” like 3 years ago

  • Killaaa

    the only good thing I could see coming from this is em on a decent beat. but even thats kinda ehh in this day and age

  • 0gawd

    lmfao @ all u “oh he a hater” ass muthafuckas. i actually like the kid, but he don’t stand a chance against em and that’s just real talk. so gtfoh w/ ur hater bs…

  • Slaughterhouse

    Whatever came out of this better end up on Medium Sean’s ‘Hall Of Fame’. We really don’t need a verse from him on Marshall’s album.

  • aye

    sean has the legs of a 15 year old