2Dope To Sleep On: Isaiah Rashad

blame it on Shake April 28, 2013

DopeHouse meet Isaiah Rashad; a 21-year-old upstart from Chattanooga, Tennessee. After coming across his “Gusto” video (which finds the youngin’ trading bars with Nashville’s Brian Cameron) and hearing potential, I made my way to his Soundcloud and clicked play on a few cuts (“Like That,” “Fake Trill” and “Part III” to be exact). With no official project out yet, we’re left in the dark with the kid’s future. But from what I’m hearing, all that may change soon enough. Catch up after the jump while you still can.

  • Chavo

    Pretty much

  • MJ

    Wow. I’m impressed. Wasn’t expecting much but the vibe, the energy, the hunger. Both he and that Brian kid are good.

    Without comparing them to anybody, they seem like a Yang to Big K.R.I.T.’s Ying

  • SonictheHogans

    Chattown Stand UP!!!! 423! I’m trying to be right behind you homie…

  • josh

    his wack sounds like the latest fad but if thats what you guys feel is dope, ill go listen to some pun.

  • Ari Gold

    This shit brings me back to my old UTC days. Real good drops. Hope he got more to come


  • plex

    There’s much better to be found in that area. This dude is average at best.

  • I don’t take these 2Dope To Sleep On posts to heart; some of these niggas are dope and the others fall into the Casey Veggies category. Also, Shake doesn’t know how to use a semicolon tbh.

  • Jedi Sirius

    this shit was nice

  • Gigi

    Pieces of a kid is about to shit on your favorite rapper. You haven’t even heard the best of his shit he’s getting so much better. Smh
    I’m a fan

  • Milk

    Village up bitch. Protect ya neck cuz it’s finna get reallllll

  • ye

    gusto is aight,but those sound cloud links are off the chart dope

  • The fuck? Never knew there was actual good hip hop around here. And DEFINITELY didn’t think anyone around here fucked with the Dopehouse.

    423 in here.

  • Knux

    no more new rappers plz, hip hop is done already

  • J

    fake trill got that asap vibe

  • GoldenStateofMind

    wow I was not impressed at all. I know so many better up and coming rappers than this guy. I guess it’s because I’m not from the South.

  • malcyvelli

    hes okay, i was feeling that part III track though, everything else sounds like, hell, to be extremely critical and borderline hating, a bit juvenile, just sounds like some shit teenagers would write/spit, i like his delivery though, shits got charisma

  • Ive been posting the homie’s music for a long minute, he’s a fucking beast! i’m suprised that you guys haven’t heard of him

  • rahiki

    this dude is pretty incredible

  • “Also, Shake doesn’t know how to use a semicolon tbh.”

    great thing i dont care. i dont get paid to practice perfect grammar sir.

    @DJ Eternity
    – there’s 9182059812051 rappers and 980918250125 others about to become a rapper. i don’t have time to listen to all of them.

  • Lol you niggas are hilarious…. Do yall hate when yall get bored, or nahh?

  • “I’ll go listen to some Pun” lmaooooo this guy

  • los89

    cassei veggies is cold @the hatin nigga who said said he fell into that category

  • Igotcha

    Never heard of dude before but shit, nigga is ill as fuck.


  • JaySole

    Wow never heard of him and this is dope!

  • wordup

    impressive shit

  • Chuck Lidell

    Its the HOUUUSSEEE BITTTTCCCHHHH!! Shoutout to my lil brotha and the rest of the crew mane…come up season…fuck the rest of yall hatin ass niggaz

  • tyler ro

    this shit is dope