• doc rovers

    wack music anthem

  • keep hating

    Motherfuckers gone hit nope without even listening to it, who cares about this faggot ass bias website

  • NICE

    Flocka went hard

  • DJBran

    why i feel like a heard this beat like a million times?....oh because i have! FUCKOUTTAHERE! oh and wale still sellin out

  • AV

    If Jeezy is lookin for a replacement for Freddie Gibbs, this nigga is NOT the answer

  • KatoXV

    cant lie... Waka was nice

  • Do You Even Lift?

    this shit goes hard. it dont sound bad at all. goin straight to my workout playlist

  • http://Uptowninfluence.com GIL

    He woke up in a new paddy wagon, bet that's a different feel than a new Bugatti