• whateveriguess

    Did you guys find the ninja in the video?!

  • Brother Man

    What is the instrumental playing in the background? It is nasty

  • wat

    Lol @ Kirko not having shit to say. He's the one there that didn't deserve it.

  • throwmethapussy

    lol Q that dude

  • DynamicShots

    Somebody tell that nigga Travis to take the shit off his face. How the fuck you gonna conduct a interview with a fuckin towel wrapped over ya mouth nigga...lmao


    "We are the men"
    Angel Haze should've piped in about then

  • SIR

    Damn they killed that cypher!! LOL jk Q is that dude haha waiting on that Ab-Soul Dizzy collab i could see that ahit happening Soulo on the come up

  • T

    Soulo came up. Dizzy is on the come up.