Clams Casino – Bookfiend f. DOOM

blame it on Shake April 29, 2013

Somehow, someway, Clams Casino managed to get the elusive DOOM to drop some vocals over his production. Before listening, I was a bit scared their two styles wouldn’t mesh, but damn… do they ever.

  • bummer

    Big fan of Clams Casino, even bigger fan of MF Doom.
    But this song just straight up isn’t good.

  • Think

    How yo know octogon!?

  • BobbyWhite

    @bummer this song is fire, if youre a fan of both you would love this

  • THC StateOfMind

    I like it. Dooms off beat rhymes over clams off beat production. Dope

  • Wack_Shit

    This beat is some bullshit. How can anybody think this shit dope? i’m a huge DOOM fan but this beat sucks dick.

  • MewLover34

    Why would you be scared he wouldn’t sound good on a Clams beat? I would have thought they’d be perfect together, and I’d be right.

  • Jus10

    The lyrics is classic Doom but also something fresh. I’m loving this one! DOOOOOM.

  • mood

    i cant stand clams… why doom? why? sometimes even your favorite artist makes your opinion looks bad

  • escobar2013

    BORING as fuck.

  • OJmack

    I dont care who does a beat. DOOM could kill a song over the sound of me pissing on a bush.

  • ear2ear

    Huuuuuuuuuge fan of DOOM. For me it goes Mos Doom Ghost and Stacks, but there’s something weird about this one. Which is exactly what DOOM does. Maybe it’ll grow on me. sounds like it could’ve been mixed better. Btw DOOM released an album last year, not sure how that makes him elusive?

  • icon

    This sounds HORRRIBLE… NEXT