Kanye West’s New Album (Reportedly) Is Done

blame it on Illy April 29, 2013

Yeezus’ new not-yet-titled album is reportedly, “done.” According to Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg, Kanye held a private listening session at the Def Jam offices last week where he played the entire album. Peter described the album as being, “dark but really good.” Here’s an audio clip of the Hot 97 personalities speaking on the upcoming album below.

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  • blair

    wow this is really unexpected… must’ve really cranked this sucker out. amped as always for a new ye project. should be a dope wrap up of the coming GOOD projects (pusha, sean, john legend, etc)

  • Super Moose

    Double F titties??? someone post a pic

  • Gatzby

    post that DOOM and clams casino song.

  • Rosebudd

    ^^^^^lmao I second that


    kanye west is soooooooooooo overrated he used to be a amazing producer no any more but has always been an average mc

  • justenjoythisshit

    Fuck rosenberg. And hot 97.


    kanyes an amazing ARTIST, amazing PRODUCER, an amazing VISIONARY, and one of the top rappers in this generation..period. Even Daft Punk said that his record is amazing and that kanye is not giving a fuck in this record.

  • NOIR

    when i read that its dark but really good i instantly thought of kid cudi

  • KTT

    Cite KanyeToThe, please

  • 1dopeboy

    Hopefully there’s way less features on this album

  • 215aphilliate

    bet tomorrow we get a tracklist with Jay-Z on 7 songs & and a Nas/Kendrick collab.

  • dannym254

    What in the world is that on his face?

  • that diamond mask is dope as fuck…. no hate.

    buttt uhhhh

    ray j going at this nigga neck … you think its a diss track to ray on this shit? yeezy dont want it with the money team.

  • butt uhh

    paris hilton sextape was better than theirs.

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah cause Ray J gotta indoor pool and a outdoor pool a indoor basketball court and a outdoor basketball court LOL. He got mad recreational activity at his house and he got seven roll royces outside and he roll with niggas that “like” niggas… LOL. Ray J is a fool for that new video but on a serious note. Kanye aint got time to answer back to certain niggas man, he supposed to just make his albums for the world to listen to. Nobody trippin on fuckin Ray J enough to go back in forth with him musically. I know Kanye gets super extra with his albums but I hope on this one he just takes it back to his original style a few times and im good with that.

  • who cares

    And no fucks were given by the real heads. Kanye needs to crawl in a hole.

  • Truth Siren

    Kanye is a bitch ass nigga straight up and only had one good album which was his first

  • Shining Shadows

    Who hurt you two?

  • Sommon Cense

    That mask is the poster child for: “Just because something might be trendy or on the brink of fashion, that shit looks stupid, we have cameras now, and that picture will be around forever.”

    Not to mention, if the maker of the item doesn’t wear it, why are you? If Ronald McDonald didn’t eat at his own restaurant, nobody else would have.

    If Shaq didn’t wear Shaq’s, wait… but you get the point haha!

  • Famous

    Jordan wore Jordans tho.

  • Lance Geneva

    Sommon Cense.. You’re a dumbass.. But this is exciting.. After MBDTF, I wouldn’t mind hearing some dark Kanye vibes..

  • gregory kruxx.

    KAnye still killin it…point blank

  • 411

    the mask is from maison martin margiela; a fashion brand….basically from the same vein as the shit A$AP’s been claiming