Sole – No Wising Up No Settling Down (Album Stream)

blame it on Shake April 29, 2013

With a May 1 release date set for his No Wising Up No Settling Down LP, Sole gave Prefix the green light to stream the entire shebang.

The Denver rapper comments on anything from his growing distaste towards ignorant hypocrites, the relevancy of the Internet generation, and the repercussions of capitalism. He even finds himself vicariously voicing his modus operandi that parallels the anarchist philosophy of feminist Emma Goldman.

PRE-ORDER: Sole – No Wising Up No Setttling Down

  • SpikeyJamez

    So many 2Dopeboyz fans continues to glorify anti-intellectualism. Sole drops knowledge more than 90% of commercial rappers that everyone here sucking dicks on.

  • james

    Ignorance is bliss for many, especially when you’re surrounded by so much fucking disappointment in life. Losing that hope, you either tune-out the world or get crunk and start hitting books and debunk the stereotypical protestor/activist -by becoming one lol

    I’m not hating on either path people take either, if I had money to throw around, I might drown myself in the arts, women, material shit, etc.