Chance The Rapper – Acid Rap (Mixtape)

blame it on Illy April 30, 2013

UPDATE (4/30/16): Three years later, Chance is readying the release of Chance 3. Until then, relive the magic of Acid Rap below.

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Chance The Rapper’s much anticipated Acid Rap mixtape arrives and the 13-track project features guest appearances from Action Bronson, Childish Gambino, Ab-Soul, Twista, BJ The Chicago Kid and more.

No need to say anything else. Check the tracklist and press play below!

01. Good Ass Intro f. BJ the Chicago Kid (prod. Peter Cottontale, Cam & Stefan Ponce)
02. Pusha Man f. Nate Fox & Lili K (prod. Ceej for Two9)
03. Cocoa Butter Kisses f. Vic Mensa & Twista (prod. Cam & Peter Cottontale)
04. Juice (prod. Nate Fox)
05. Lost f. Noname Gypsy (prod. Nate Fox)
06. Everybody’s Something f. Saba & BJ the Chicago Kid (prod. DJ Ozone)
07. Interlude: That’s Love (prod. Ludwig Gorransen)
08. Favorite Song f. Childish Gambino (prod. Nate Fox)
09. NaNa f. Action Bronson (prod. Brandun Deshay)
10. Smoke Again f. Ab-Soul (prod. Blended Babies)
11. Acid Rain (prod. Jake One)
12. Chain Smoker (prod. Nate Fox)
13. Everything’s Good (Good Ass Outro) (prod. Cam)

  • ty$


  • rdd08

    Hit Dat ZAN \(‘_’)z

  • andOneill

    How yal get this.. not even on his site yet lol,, been waitin all day

  • KatoXV

    did he give 2dope an exclusive or some shit? Because this shit def wasnt posted on his site yet.

  • jojoba

    this nigga getting so much hype. Got to check this out

  • USAh


  • Mister Nicely

    He is definitely a problem man


  • yearightdood

    i gotta team of hoes like pat summit. haha

  • KatoXV

    and why he change up the artwork?

  • andOneill

    haha this art work some the best i seen tho..!! LSD face.. on track 2 shit is nice.. sometimes he picks crazy ass beats like the intro but first part too pusha man is fuckin fire,,, CHANCE!!

  • FlyLoHoe

    chain smoker!

  • complex92

    SAVEMONEY. Been looking forward to this.

  • they both good though. hope we can just enjoy both of them and not compare either. Excited to hear everything!

    too bad this nigga is gunna get overshadowed by Cole’s tape today. bruh worked so hard to promote this shit over a whole month and Cole just mentioned yesterday “Fuck it. Truly Yours 2 dropping tomorrow. Y’all deserve it.”

  • *Name

    no hate but someone please explain the hype

  • andOneill

    @Name U not like him man??? his sound is different.. i love hiphop and i listen to alot of different types of artists, he has some really good tracks. its prob his voice that throws off alot of people.. this is a good tape

  • grs

    this is so incredibly dope i have no words

  • Boom

    nigga had about 10 sites shut down because of traffic when this dropped… dude ill

  • Ian

    Great Album!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for being so early. Been waiting for this since forever.

  • Sticky

    @Name I’ve been hyped for this because I thought 10 Day was a solid tape and an interesting new sound. Then he dropped some songs from this and I could tell his sound had grown a lot along with the fact that he said this was mainly going to be sampling acid jazz, but i understand people not liking his voice

  • JemPage

    occasionally dope, but usually just annoying

  • three2one

    guess people gonna start hating on this already just based off all the buzz it’s getting already

  • andOneill

    just listened through!! have to say this is such a good mixtape dam..!! better then i expected,, hope more people catch on to chance now, this and cole’s ep today.. good day for HipHop

  • *Name

    @andOneill @Sticky you both sound like you have some sense. downloading now

  • Ac

    Downloading but he should make a extended version of burn this city

  • bongwater

    its alright

  • kayo

    Better than I expected this shit is really dope. I was starting to get annoyed with his voice and especially when that Ab-Soul assisted joint just dropped I got REAL worried. But he doesn’t really do it AS much or AS bad as I thought.

    After listening to the Gambino track too, damn… When’s he dropping another tape, he gets better and better every time I listen. That track he had on the Flex tape too was a PROBLEM.

  • some dude

    he’s improved since #10day but still has more room for improvement. mixtape is good, but don’t download expecting something of the same quality as so far gone, section.80 or nostalgia ultra. what chance may lack in production he more than makes up for in musicality. that’s what makes me a fan. i’m excited for this kids future. acid rap – 8/10

  • Juicy-G

    @ some dude I agree, I honestly think he does that purposely because he has the talent to do so.

  • ACid rAiN ish

    Acid Rain track = FIRE
    Needs to cut back on that winey voice tho.
    Cut that shit out!

  • Kev

    This tape is the first I’ve listened to Chance & I really like it. Hip Hop really is in a renaissance this decade. Finally, rappers are taking acid & other psychs.. Chance, Black Hippy, OverDoz, Zombies, Underachievers.. It’s not just for the white rocker kids anymore.

    Lucy has left the suburbs & hit the ghettos.. Politicians better be shitting themselves right now. The last thing they want is poor minorities waking up their minds..

  • j

    Only listened to a couple songs…he snapped on the intro but his voice/flow is kinda annoying. dont hate my opinion…

  • koodabang

    Cocoa Butter Kisses >>> ANy New Music I Heard today

  • This shit is absolutely dope!! He’s one of the few new school rappers who actually has an original syle. Very impressed!

  • **Style

  • This is going on the list as one of the best mixtapes to drop in 2013.

  • Ha!

    If you niggas can get over Danny Brown voice, you can get over Chance voice.

  • yayay

    At first I couldn’t stand his voice, but after a couple of listens I actually like it and think it’s something new and unique

  • larynx

    this kids got the machine behind him, managed to stay on page 1 all day…. doesnt matter how much favor you have. remember guru? “its mostly the voice.” subject matter, beats, features, artwork.. all thats dope. but the cadence man, its terrible.

  • Dutch

    the only opinions i see on here that dont like this prolly #Dirtybackpackers who “never” understand good music when it drop anyway so they dont exist. “his cadence is terrible”..fucouttahere..he jammin


    everything about this tape is original.

  • Kev

    @Dutch That’s what I’m saying. People who don’t like his flow are probably backpackers. If you’re looking for traditional underground hip hop this ain’t for you.. His flow is what makes him unique and interesting.. Dude has rhythm and soul

  • Joel

    this dudes voice is annoying as hell…..still major props to him for coming out with something original…

  • lp

    HIs flow/voice makes it a little hard to take in all the lines. But the tape overall is dope as hell man. Really feeling the originality.

  • T9FTW

    Great project but why so many features on this one? One of the reasons I liked 10 Day was how independent he was, it put focus on him.

    Why the artwork change though? With the drawing of Chance with the title over his head, it looks like the 10 Day cover now…

  • NoWuff

    I can’t put my finger on what his voice sounds like.

  • NoWuff

    This mutha fucka sounds like Adam Sandler is trying to make a serious name for himself in the rap game!

  • Lo

    People was saying the same shit about k dot’s voice….this shit raw as fuck and original as hell…He coming wit them bars…I understand dam near everything he says jus listen

  • KNZO

    what happened to the artwork that leaked a few days ago? i don’t mind the cover above but i’m just curious.

  • Joel

    why is this dude getting more love than Add-2????….that’s what I wanna know…

  • AndONeill

    Haha I Laughed at that Adam sandler shit!! Man this tape is so good haven’t stopped listening since it came out!! Man I say he gettin more love than add because of his originality and I think he appeals to a wider audience then hardcore hiphop heads would pick add-2..

  • breezyexcursion

    this shit is fire. even better on acid. “pop anotha tab nigga let’s get lit”

  • kinda garbage to me, havent liked any of this dudes shit. Ill give him props for getting the buzz he has and for such a dope cover, the production was straight too. His voice sucks to me and its more of emo rap then anything. He cant sing either. NOPE!
    2/5 stars

  • Matt B

    It’s to bad for that voice bc the production is nice…ADD 2 >>>

  • king

    How ya’ll disapprove of THIS DUDES VOICE but APPROVE OF DANNY BROWNS!?!?!?!?!?

  • tl

    action bronson killed it, ab soul killed it, danny killed it. thoroughly enjoyed this mixtape!!! didnt know much about chance going in so i went in with an open mind. his words are complex sometimes and his accent is difficult to follow but once you get it kid is dope!!! 5/5

  • This man understand the concept of dropping dope projects and not just singles. He took care of it from the Intro to the interlude to the outro. Props.

  • Matt B

    His voice is already growing on me…in a good way. Refreshing to hear something different rather than the same redundant hip hop that is out now. Big props for stepping out of the box

  • Rick O Shea

    Not as good as i expected. A bit repetitive. I like 10 day more.

  • jwiii

    shit is hella dope homie

  • los

    fuk that cole hes not fukin with my chicago nigga

  • j

    hes like wyclef cudi gambino from chicago

  • queen

    As I read these comments while lettin this play in the background, I realize niggas these days have really lost touch with individuality. Chance is 100% him so if you dont find his voice appealing or thinks he is too emotional thats fine, but damnit at least respect this man for being him. Its not too many niggas in hip hop who can say that, let alone someone as young as him. You cant deny this boys flow!

  • queen

    @Joel Im guessin its because chance relates to more people due his lyrics about drug use, while add-2 has a more above the influence vibe, people have more in common with Chance. They are both talented as hell in their own way.

  • RoshaneRonan

    I dig it man. His flow reminds me of some older dancehall reggae artist. Straight rappin here, melody there, in a very abstract way. Some rappers may spit first, then sing next in an all too predictable pattern. His rhymes feel so free. And most importantly, he has bars. I dig it.

  • jonwayne

    this shit is WACK! hip hop is so terrible now that shit like this gets a pass as “dope” … yall are sheep. dumbed down to the fullest. this is some disco trash.

  • otis

    He borrows from wyclef jean. Chance is the shit! Glad to see he’s getting some shine. Aighhhh!

  • Denmark


  • whateveriguess

    Different sound but I love it. not a traditional cookie cutter rapper.

  • Rax

    no new rappers plz! hip hop is done already

  • this has to be the hottest mixtape out of chicago this year. props to chance man. #1 fan right here

  • I just don’t get it. Oh well