J. Cole – Truly Yours 2 (FreEP)

blame it on Shake April 30, 2013

After randomly surprising his fans with “Cole Summer” last night, Cole announced that he would be dropping the follow-up to February’s Truly Yours EP later today. Well folks, the time is now. Six tracks with feauters from Young Jeezy, 2 Chainz and Bas (Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. 2, coming soon) and production from Cole, Jake One and Canei Finch. Born Sinner, June 25. Stream/download after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: J. Cole – Truly Yours 2 EP | Alt Link

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  • Second…cain’t wait for Born Sinner

  • cole summer

  • snoop


  • Kendrick Lamar

    Canei Finch isn’t fuckin around. My God.

  • L

    Cole & Jeezy both went in on Kenny Lofton

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  • DatReal

    This that real shit

  • 2412


  • Zak

    After the snippet in I’m a Fool, I was so happy and so satisfied with Chris Tucker.

  • marty mcfly

    @Snoop, no I dont just blindly hate. I haven’t heard one piece of this EP yet and I prolly wont get a chance to listen to it until later on tonight so before I do I’ll tell you what. You listen to it and then tell me why its so incredible and then I check back later and listen to the song or songs you think is the best. Since this nigga is all that then I wanna hear some incredible shit that warrants reasons why you people seem to think he’s the illest. So if you hear it before me and you feel that there is a song or songs on here thats gonna make me “see the light” then you can comment and let me know about it and I’ll check it out later. If not then im not gonna rush to listen to this shit.

  • FENDI*

    #BORNSINNER #NIGGASNEEDTHAT @Zak agreed i just got mad hype when i seen that song bouta go bump this FreEP now #COLEWORLD



  • JustAFan

    I just commented on COLE SUMMER defending Cole earlier today. Now, I’m back to being disappointed. Obviously these are just throwaway tracks and songs that probably would’ve never seen the light of day if it weren’t for Cole spontaneously wanting to let em loose last night, but maaaaaaaan if THIS is the direction that Cole was going through while creating Born Sinner then there is going to be nothing special about that album. Other than COLE SUMMER, all of these songs are boring and the production is so subpar. I don’t understand how he went from crafting beats like LIGHTS PLEASE and I GET UP to shit like this. Not to mention that his hooks are always so lame. I really like Cole but fuck, he makes it so hard to root for em……..

  • JHP

    About to be bumping these songs all throughout this month. I had been waiting on “Chris Tucker” since a snippet of it was at the end of “I’m A Fool”, I assumed he was saving it for the album or something. Anyway, this EP is fire, and it’s even better than the first Truly Yours in my opinion. Cole has stayed consistent with his lyricism and storytelling throughout both of these, and I’m all the more psyched for his album. This 5/6 song EP every now and then is the way to go, he’s not just giving people a free 16 song album, but he’s still getting a decent amount of music to the fans and keeping his hame out there. If these are the songs he’s willing to give out as freebies I can’t wait to hear what Born Sinner is gonna sound like. Between Cole, Drake, Wale, & Sean, & Pusha T, combined with whatever Kanye, Hov, and Em are working on, this could potentially be the best year for Hip-Hop in a long time

  • PraiseRZA

    lol @ big ghost and his hating ass

  • Tommygunz

    @JHP never in the history of music will Wale or Big Sean be a part of “the best year for hip hop”

  • yupp..

    I dont see how you can possibly think of this as anything other then disappointing, and i dont buy that these are throw away tracks. He has never done that before this truly yours shit. These is just not very good

  • trey

    yo is 5. Cousins working for anybody b/c it isnt for me

  • snoop

    @marty i’ve listened its pretty good, nothing too special, just solid throwaway songs. youre still a hater cuz your logic so flawed that you end up saying stupid shit all the time.

    but then again maybe its not actually hating if you lack the ability to think and reason logically but its whatever

  • Pauly D

    This was a really great EP. Better than the first, I’d say

  • 2dope4nope


  • Tron

    LOL @ hating if you don’t like it.

  • Mike Tomlin

    Yawn. Wake me up when Lights Please, Who Dat, or Blow Up Part 2 are out.

    Love Cole half the time, hate him the other.

  • Jem

    @JustAFan – my thoughts exactly.

  • Master Lee

    This is so dope. Cole really is one of the best. I cant wait for Born Sinner. Cole World.

  • Pauly D

    I’ll put it like this: if you don’t really care for upbeat and hype building songs, you’re probably not coming to enjoy this EP greatly. But, if you’re somewhat musically diverse and can appreciate the change in pace from the first Truly Yours to this sequel, you’ll be able to like it.

  • Crenshaw

    Head Bussa! Hope this next album is cohesive and storytelling.

  • That dude marty mcfly gets off on being a contrarian. If most people like it, this dude thinks it’s garbage. If everyone says it’s doodoo, this man has a hundred reasons why it’s the dopest ish available.

  • Sammy

    Most experimental music we’ve ever seen from Cole. And I think it was definitely a success. Chris Tucker is a banger, I feel like Cole woulda saved that for the album unless he has a better banger than that. Hopefully he does, I guess we will find out on 6/25. BORN SINNER

  • Maybe these haters on listening to the music on shitty speakers or headphones. Lol. I appreciate this man showing fans love with good music at the low low cost of nothing. Dudes like Black Rob are dogging the label heads for not making them hot, when real artists are out there promoting themselves and staying hot like they are supposed to. Big ups to Cole and the rest of these artists out there doing their thing. #fuckmartymcfly

  • badr

    truly yours 2 here:

  • Chris Z

    @martymcfly is this the “growth” you keep saying you want to see from cole?

  • marty mcfly

    I want Cole to do what the fuck he wants to do. I dont remember saying I wanted to see shit from Cole but to answer you question? NO, I dont see no “growth” here. Extra pause you fruit cake mothafucka.


    how did this shit get so many likes? im a cole fan, but this mixtape and the last Truly yours are SO subpar. literally everything about the songs, especially the hooks and the production are MEDIOCRE. this is really boring music.

  • comeonbruh

    ^how can you not enjoy 3 wishes, at least a little as a hip hop fan, that shits dope as hell and since you seem to hate the beats he makes its a jake one beat.

  • seriouslybruh

    or cousins

  • YUP

    Fuck yea Cole, keep bringing the heat!! That Kenny Lofton tho

  • Elden Campbell

    Long gone are the good days of tracks like premeditated murder and simba.

    And a track with 2 Chainz? GTFOH…so disappointing.

  • Chris Z

    there is the proof that marty mcfly just bullshits everytime he hates on people and doesnt even know what hes saying. i can specifically remember you saying you wanted to hear growth and songs like im on it and blow up. get a life faggot. glad to see you have to say pause after hearing the word growth.

  • marty mcfly

    i want kanye’s fat boner in my turd cutter.

  • Chris Z

    it was “progression” instead of growth. same shit. on the first ep comments actually

    @D, Ill leave like this then cause I dont hate Cole and like I said earlier I think his intentions artistically are good. Im gonna say the same comment I said way back in early 2011 before his album singles and his album. I just wanna hear one song from Cole thats as good as either Blow Up or Im On It. After that I aint got shit else to say negative about his musical choices. Just give me those two songs right there. Why? Because I feel those songs were a better representation then Who Dat and In The Morning and I said that way back then. Now if you wanna take that as hating then go ahead but you should be able to see I way I singled out those two songs and remember Cole performed at the BET awards with Blow Up and then it was quiet from there until his mixtape dropped not capitalizing on Blow Ups impact and it was also on radio at that time. Just saying, give me one song thats as good as either one of those songs and everything else i’ll say about this cat will be position. WORD
    marty mcfly said this on February 13th, 2013 at 3:20 am

  • Chris Z

    thought you didnt want anything from cole? didnt you just say to me he could do whatever he wanted???…….

    What makes these songs more progressive then the music he’s already done?
    marty mcfly said this on February 12th, 2013 at 6:28 pm

  • cmonyawwwwwwwllllahhh


  • marty mcfly

    @Chris Z, I see you pulling up some old shit I said like you must be following my every word n shit but does what I said before make this EP sound any better? NO. Regardless of whatever I said, this EP is still not that dope. Now we can talk progression or “growth” or some shit I said or whatever but bottom line is this EP aint dope so whatever I said dont make a difference in regards to this EP. Furthermore I didnt hear anything thats on the level or better then the songs I named in that old comment of mine anyway so then it really dont make a difference does it? dumbass Fukboy the niggas music is fucking weak. How much mediocre boring sounding bullshit with basic ass bars does he have to put out before you realize that.

  • luden

    Too many children in here. If you don’t like J. Cole’s music then stop commenting on J. Cole topics. You sound obsessive and a bit defensive for no reason. Carry on…

  • Trill O’Reilly The Legend

    marty mcfly been a pussy niggas from day 1

  • marty mcfly

    had another listen on second thought this shit is dope!

  • adi Pre

    Fucking wow. Loving the production.

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ Dont do that shit troll. I know you mothafuckas get emotional over Cole’s music so I’ll do one more and say the last song 3 Wishes had some dope content but I still feel the same way overall and thats Cole makes some meh type sounding shit. Now I dont know if its cause the nigga insists on rapping over his own production or if it’s because he always comes from the same angle and perspective all the time but imo the game right now is just on some other shit. If you up there on some mainstream shit then you gotta come with it man period especially if you on that level with the Roc and especially if niggas claiming that you lyrically this and that. Im sorry but all this mellow emotional shit let Drake do that and all this singing and harmonizing shit, let Drake do that. He got that already and he dont need no help in that lane either. You see that Black Rob video I put up there? COMEONSON, thats from that era, that hard shit. Cole wanna rep the street shit and be a voice for communities in poverty and conscious rap and all that shit then he gon have to come with it imo and this EP shit he doin just and cuttin it for me. If you fuck with it then cool but dont hate on me for my opinion.

  • Sp

    Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim thru it?

    This EP is incredible. Listen to the lyrics, little guys. Born Sinner is on its way!

  • Sladewilson

    It is what it is – an EP to hold over fans until Born Sinner drops. Hell, he might drop another one before the main joint drops. As for this – Cole Summer, Kenny Lofton and 3 Wishes are doing it. His production on here doesn’t come close to “Power Trip”, but as a whole – Cole’s production skillz are starting to out-class his rhyming ability. JMO….

  • @marty mcfly, the thing is that J. Cole could drop an EP with absolute classics and you would still argue that they were garbage. That’s what you get off on. That display of pretentious, holier than thou in your opinion bull shit won’t allow you to make a statement that you admit to being the contrary of what you’ve already said. You troll the boards looking to get into an argument over some bull shit cuz that’s how you get off. I bet you jam this EP all day, but still come back to trash it. Everybody sees through your bull shit.

  • marty mcfly

    @Jason Galindo… you right. I’m just insecure in the fact that I have no talents whatsoever. If I weren’t able to criticize the work and opinion of others my life would have no meaning.

  • 411

    lool I’ve been coming to this site for years and marty has forever been getting shit lmfao…don’t nobody like this dude D:

  • 411

    hey shake or meka, can we get a post celebrating Marty’s time and posts spent on 2dopeboyz? basically a “best of” kind of post. no hate really, just saying cause the dude’s notorious here

  • That’s cause either one of those dids IS marty mcfly.

  • dudes*, stir up controversy to increase site visitation and participation.

  • GiveItUpAlready

    More cornball braggadocio raps with phony attempts to be humble. J.Coles’s career mirrors that of Papoose. COLE WORLD? Cole ain’t even top 5 from his state let alone the world.

  • Prisca

    ya’ll smoke 1 for this EP tonite #DOPE

  • 411

    @ Jason Galindo…oh shit… :O that actually sounds very plausible.

  • marty mcfly

    @ Jason, You still bitching like you gotta a problem with my comments LOL? You think thats gonna change my opinion about anything? NO. You talking about I make comments for controversy and just to be contrary? Yada Yada Yada…. Homie first of all this aint that serious. I make comments based on a very simple concept and thats dope or not dope period. There is no hidden agenda here fool so if Cole put out a whole EP that was classic as you say then I would say its dope. I have no problem giving Cole or anybody else their props for dope music but if I dont think its dope then I dont. And hell NO im not jamming this EP all day, FOH. I’ll tell you what, how bout you make your comment and give your opinion about the music instead of dedicating your bitchy comments toward me. Have a nice day bitch

  • marty mcfly

    @411 and yeah they need to do a “best of” with my comments cause then maybe you fools a learn a thing or two. Only reason you suggesting such is because you would go through it and read it cause you probably agree with alot of shit i’ve said on 2DBZ.

  • realness

    this shit goes hard if yall cant see that then your fucking dumb….what more do you want from this man? Cole is killin shit

  • @marty mcflu, you right it isn’t that serious. That’s why I only send shots at your pretentious ass when I’m on the shitter and don’t have anything to do at work. I don’t care to change your opinion, I just think it’s lame how obvious it is that your opinion is that of a contrarian (Google it).

    Pretty sure a highlight of marty mcfly’s comments would be titled “Worst Of”. Just because you are able to articulate your point intelligently, doesn’t make your comments factual or justified.
    I think it’s a pretty dope EP to listen to, it’s not game changing music, it’s not going to unite people as a whole, it’s not the best thing playing… but it’s cool to listen to. I don’t want my music to be entirely songs with a deep message, or to be all about “droppin’ that ass”. Different sounds for different moods.

  • naoshad

    i skim these comments and see you boys with way too much time on your hands arguing back n forth. did i really just see dude use the phrase “send shots” on a blog comment? smh

  • yr


  • pampers

    This nigga said he sends shots while on the shitter at work. Yo I do the same thing fam. Brain cells start working better around porcelain for some reason

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ Please, he was prolly making a twerk video for WSHH, poppin his pussy to the Chris Tucker song. Sending shots? FOH

  • 411

    well damn, I’m actually just in the c-section for the hilarity marty, not really trying to over-analyze other people’s opinions *yeshrug*

  • dope

    All together, J. Cole dropped a whole project of dope material. FOR FREE. Bump it like this and it’s amazing. Great work. Respect the real!
    1) Can I Holla At Ya
    2) Power Trip
    3) Miss America
    4) Grew Up Fast
    5) Get Free ColeWorld
    6) Chris Tucker
    7) Crunch Time
    8) Visionz of Home
    9) 3 Wishes
    10) Cole Summer
    11) Kenny Lofton
    12) Rise Above
    13) Tears For ODB
    14) Head Bussa
    15) Stay
    16) 24K of Gold (solo) (no Big Sean)
    17) The Cure
    18) I’m A Fool
    19) Cousins ft Bas
    20) Louis Vuitton (solo extended)
    21) 2012

  • Now dudes criticizing my use of the phrase “sending shots”. Get the fuck over yourself marty. You’re like Nicki Minaj being in American idol and shit… No talent whatsoever, but wants to judge and criticize others on skills she lacks. Hoe shit dude. Too bad I can’t upload a pic of this deuce I just dropped… Imma call it marty

  • Boooooorrrriiiiinnnnnggggg.

  • eZ

    mahn… J Cole is still hungry! Feeling both of these mixtapes..he coming wit some real shyt.. how can any J cole fan complain? Dude is nice

  • marty mcfly

    I’m a cocksucker