Pusha T Reveals Sophomore Solo Album Title

blame it on Shake April 30, 2013

Even though we’re still a good two and a half months from My Name Is My Name being released (July 16), Pusha Ton is alreay planning his Sophomore album. Speaking with Ask Men, Push revealed the next album will be titled King Push.

Ask Men: What else is on the horizon for you? Another G.O.O.D. Music compilation album?
I really don’t know. I’m really on My Name Is My Name, and then my next album after that. I already got the whole mentality of it. I see it. It’s titled King Push. I don’t even think there’s going to be anybody on King Push.

I like that. No features.

No features eh? What do y’all think the likelihood of that actually happening is?

  • who cares

    1) King Push is almost as bad as My Name Is My Name. Laziest titles in the world.
    2) No way this dude is going to have no guests on his album.

  • tq

    yawn rappers talk so much shit

  • Chill Push! Let’s get My Name is My Name, then Long Live The Cain, then As God As My Witness first before we start talking about a second solo album!

  • Stop Bitching

    ^^^^^ Faggot ass motherfuckers always talking shit smh but i bet if Kendrick did the same thing you stans would jizz in your pants!

    He still focused on MNIMN but whats wrong with telling the name of your next album, quit crying like bitches

  • runt

    I don;t give a fuck about what this guy says until the album actually drops.

    Rappers talk so much shit about what their album will be called or sound like or whatever, and 99% of the time it turns out to be completely different.

  • Stop Bitching

    ^^^ Another crying bitch

  • gettt

    bad on the title, good on the no features. i doubt that he’s really going to have no features, though

  • Ahijah

    Nobody is listening to a whole Pusha T album with no features on he don’t got shit to rap about

  • haters flaming. cool it down bitches

  • gregory kruxx.

    Let Push get in that zone and he got plenty to Rap about…SMH.
    @who cares my name is my name is lazy??? you obviously never watched the wire and you dont listen to pushas music…clown ass niggah….Not feeling the ttile for the 2nd record…but having no features I like…wish people would stop having so many damn features….niggahs cant make a record by themselves anymore…i dnt get it…besides the marketing side of it of course…