Busta Rhymes – Twerk It (prod. Pharrell)

Busta drops a twerk anthem with his new single “Twerk It” produced by Pharrell. Bombs provided by Flex. GHOST UPDATE: Clean CDQ added.

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  • UK Guy

    What the hell is that Jafaican accent he's using? And that's yet another terrible beat from Pharrell. That track's a hot mess.

  • KING

    When we getting the video with all the booty shakin. Could give a rats ass bout this shitty music. Just lemme see the vid on mute

  • gregory kruxx.

    @UK Guy, First off Busta is Jamaican!!! And terrible...Ur buggin. Its a club track...This shit is Fire. This shit is like the New Grindin... Clown ass Niggahs stay hatin...
    This shits gona be a summer anthem...WATCH (PS Im not even a fan of club tracks like that but this shit is bannanas!!!!)

    • mike

      This is not the new grindin lmao c`mon now.

  • wqe

    @UK GUY hey can the song like come out first before you start passing out awards dickrider?

  • wqe

    @ gregory lane, not uk guy

  • Dubblife

    If your a DJ, get it. This shit is gonna be requested like crazy. Regardless of what yall think, this is gonna bang this summer. Dudes walking around like "I like All Gold Everything, but this Busta song is garbage". lol

  • T9FTW

    LOL, Busta think he 20 or something. He's gonna make himself look stupid hanging around with all those young folk on The Conglomerate...

  • professional music critic


  • wat

    So many damn haters. This beat is incredible. Busta's patois rapping is okay but this BEAT!!!! Good club song

  • This beat is awesome. Just not really feeling the accent.

  • gregory kruxx.

    @wqe its kruxx sucka niggah n who said anything bout awards...moron ohh n whut u never got the feeling when u heard a song that that it was gona be big...how u think anr niggahs pick singles...clown ass

  • gregory kruxx.

    ok people misconstruing werds now...Go back to when grinding dropped..simple drumms, claps etc...neptunes prod.....big airplay...thats all im saying retards...not literally...simple minded fools...cant a comparison be made without hatin on here wow...my god yall are negative as fuck on here

  • gregory kruxx.

    big up @dubblife least sumone knows what im talking bout...lol

  • randomguy

    Very Diplo/Major Lazer inspired beat.

  • j

    don cannon numbers on the boards and now this

    what is life?

  • blair

    posted by the intern.... then w/ a GHOST UPDATE?????? could this be big Ghost on 2dboyz??????

  • eljefe

    I should hate this..... but I don't.

  • handsome Mikey

    It aight... Wolfgang should remix this shit.

  • spewing

    @gregory kruxx.

    new grindin? are you out of your mind?

    grindin is one of the best beats ever made in hip hop, and you're comparing it to this generic ass beat. it sounds like pharrell spent about a day making this shit

  • NoWuff

    I don't blame him for trying something new. Unfortunately, I don't think it is new. It seems like he got wind of the fact that Diplo's dancehall style is currently all the rage. I resent calling people sellouts but Busta, you're forcing me to do it... You Sold Out!

  • Lorens

    F*** ya'll haters, burn in Hell!!! This is track is so damn hot and Busta's accent here is very powerful... #TWERKIT

  • wat

    LOL @ the guy who thinks Grindin isn't a basic ass beat. One of the best ever yes but it's very basic.

  • Davey

    the beat is wack as fuck, Pharell thinks it's doe because he sampled boiling water or some bullshit

  • KarlW1992

    Wow, all i can say is wow, Busta Rhymes, one of hip hops pioneers, is reduced to making songs like this? Its a fucking joke to be honest.

  • 215aphilliate

    Busta Lion?

  • Kevin

    Lol btches here start hating cos they cnt appreciate what busta is doing or doesn't know his style of rapping. Before you judge the song, do homework on busta's style and shut up. All of you got on his dick just cos of look at me now verse. This beat is banging, all you btches will hve ur gfriends twerkng to ths sng like Miley Cyrus. No one understands hw pharrell makes his beats, lol. Damn, all these ignorant uneducated heads annoying me. Pharrell likes to be different. This could be a summer hit. I wanna laugh at those who hated at this.

  • marty mcfly

    This is almost as good as that Carly Rae Jepsen single with my girl Nicki.

  • Me

    Somewhere Jay Dilla is turning over in his grave. Pours out liquor for Busta's career. *plays "The Coming" to remember what Busta sounded like when he made real hip-hop*

  • trampstamperton

    this is shitty

  • trampstamperton

    busta ain't been good in ten years. give it up busta you is busted

  • TB

    lol @ the folks calling this a summer anthem. haha. riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight...

    maybe in busta's house?

  • Check

    Interesting to say the least.... Doubt this is gonna be an anthem

  • spewing


    I never grindin wasn't a basic beat, can you read? But it was definitely creative.

    This is not creative.

  • whateveriguess

    This isnt your typical bullshit hip hop beat. its meant for a different scene


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