The Corner w/ Robert Guerrero (Video)

Shot by Shake & Lonnie. Edited by Tnel Moniq.

In the same fashion as Zab Judah, I helped shoot the latest installment of Life+Times' The Corner w/ Welterweight Champion Robert Guerrero. For those that don't know, Robert will be facing off with Floyd Mayweather May 4th (aka #mayday) at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. In the clip above, Rob and his (hilarious OG) pops Rueben speak on the upcoming bout and share the confidence in an ultimate victory.

What about y'all? Will Robert Guerrero give Floyd his first loss or will Money Mayweather keep his untarnished record?

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  • Gayweather

    I'm so glad his pops called out Mayweather for being a woman beater, too many dudes get a pass for that nowadays and it's pretty fucked up... Some dudes even think that shits funny like "that nigga got his ho in check" and shit like that. The sad part is that Mayweather is considered the best boxer in the world and people basically look up to an outspoken-woman-beating-douchebag!

  • majjik

    Can any one ID the instrumental beats in the video?

  • ghostbuster

    yeah aiiight @hater-first commenter but thats what makes us human beings making mistakes and learning from them 44 what come the 4th!


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