• http://chamillionaire.com Nicholas Fried

    This man is so down-to-earth, humble, and talented and he treats his fans better than any other artist that I know. I will forever be a fan. It is down right now while he adds a forum, but when it goes back up, you should all join his chamillionaire.com website.

  • Anonymous Coward

    All I know is that his Jordan story forever will have cats rolling laughing.

  • kenarious

    this my guy man. i copped that ultimate victory and hes consistent never heard him come lame or out of his character. salute. and mixtape messiah is possibly the greatest mixtape series

  • mike

    One of the smartest rappers ever and incredibly well connected to the fans. His regular e-mails to fans are dope and showcase just how many die hard fans he has.

    I've noticed Cham has a pretty good idea of what his fans are going to like. Slow Loud & Bangin' was a straight hit from Elevate and he knew that people would get behind it. Hip-hop Police wasn't the best first single to drop off Ultimate Victory and he knew it too. I thought he made the right move with Creepin Solo and the remixes were ill but we all know how that ended.

    Anything Cham releases is insta-purchase from me and hope he becomes a household name once again.