e-dubble – Big Ships

blame it on Shake May 3, 2013

e-dub returns with some new music. Grab his Reset EP here if you haven’t already.

  • timo

    You really got no song that i don´t like … Keep it up!

  • Rocco

    Did it again… Awesome!

  • hr

    all day, every day

  • EG

    Keep it up man

  • You are the BEST!

  • cheeba

    damn, this is not erick sermon

  • I

    I love you e-Dubble <3
    Fuck you Gema !

  • jord

    SICK EDUBBLE!!! :)

  • Luke

    Idk if you will do this but keep putting out good songs and
    “e-dubble feat hoodie allen” PLEASE.

  • Joe

    I really like the song, keep making great songs like this

  • Luke

    Dope song Edub!

  • Matt

    You’re talent never ends, they just get better and better

  • Gage

    Can’t think of one of your songs that I don’t like, if anything they just keep getting better. Keep up the great work man!

  • Jolene


  • Andy

    Thanks for getting me hooked ! <3 Keep it up! :)

  • Ryan

    Great song edubble

  • ej

    This is amazing.

  • Nicholas

    Edubble. Damn, you did it again. AWESOME SONG.

  • Muy

    Killing it like always. You sound like you reallyhad fun doing this song.