Lil Wayne Escorts Floyd Mayweather to Ring (Video)

Last night before Floyd Mayweather beat Robert Guerrero by unanimous decision, Lil Wayne helped the undefeated fighter to the ring with a performance of "No Worries."

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  • Mt

    Yep. Still retarded. Learn to spell bitch.

  • DOPE

    I swear the motherfuckers who visit this website can hate on anything! oh well Mayweather won the fight and it was a good look for Wayne

    Who gives a fuck what yall think

  • nc0310

    Who gives a fuck what you think

  • DOPE

    @nc0310 obviously you

  • Jusbrowsin

    Did floyd do that on purpose towards 50cent... Before it was 50, now since the fued between the two, floyd bright out weezy, 50's rival (?).. Or am I jus exaggerating

  • Selena Gomez

    Where was Justin?


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