Slaughterhouse Begin Work On New Album (Video)

blame it on Shake May 5, 2013

While at the GIG-IT launch, the machine revealed to XXL that they have begun working on their third album (the second to be released under the Shady umbrella).

“We’re getting started with the recording process like, yesterday,” Royce Da 5’9″ revealed. “We’re getting on that album. We’ve got some pretty big announcements to be excited about. We’re trying to work that out right now, so that’s pretty much where we are at the present time.”

Crook and Joell also stated that the group has put their solo projects on hold until they complete the SH album.

  • real

    I thought they wouldn’t put out another Slaughterhouse album after that horrible sophomore album with “My Life” as the single.

  • Mike

    Thumbs up good

  • who cares

    Can’t say I’m even a little excited for this because I’m not. Bring back the ’09 Slaughterhouse and then you have my attention.

  • Truth Siren

    After there last album I don’t really give a fuck

  • Exhibit C

    Huge fan of every one of these guys but the last album was wack to me. Hopefully this one’s better.

  • flo

    theyve fallen off too much. not even excited about this shit. poor guys

  • Tyree

    Fuck these bitches. Royce fell off years ago. Dudes need to go back in time and make dope shit, its impossible for them now.

  • lolforrreal

    where the hell have they been

  • c

    Cant make a good song to save their lives

  • What’s funny, ppl tlk abt them as if they’re as wack as; Gucci Mane. Soulja Boy, or even Future. These dudes create music point blank. They’re lyrical, creative, and constantly trying to find ways to reinvent themselves. Of course, their last effort wasn’t as great in the same sense as their debut. What group consistently create albums like that, in today’s relevance? “Welcome To: Our House”, was great in it’s own right. Others see it differently for that, they want consistent lyrical back and forth wager of verses. I’m sorry, when you’re on a major, you don’t have those options anymore. You have create something of which will sell. “Microphone”, will NOT sell 5 times over if you continually try to recapture that same vibe, that same sound.

    Ppl who think SH has dug a grave they can’t climb out of, DNT be the same ppl whn they create some GREAT, if not CLASSIC material on this 3rd album. And that’s the honest truth. You either are a fan of a group, support that group whenever, or you don’t. Ppl want to say their fans only whn the time is right. Same for the supposedly fans of Lupe, Eminem, or Jay-Z.

  • who cares

    So everyone thinks these dudes fell of, but the dope/nope ratio doesn’t show that.
    @Ill Sn – 1) Please work on your spelling and grammar. 2) There’s a difference between being a fan and a dickrider. “Ppl (people) want to say their (they’re) fans only whn (when) the time is right.” No, people want to say they’re fans when the people they’re fans of make dope music. It’s pretty bad when you feel embarrassed to listen to an MC’s old shit because his new shit sucks so bad. *cough cough* Eminem, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg *cough cough* Welcome To: Our House was in no way, shape, or form “great”. It was a heaping pile of garbage from the title, to the album art, to the content in the songs. If they come through with a solid third album then great. I’ll finally have more than one album on my iPod from them. Even if they do make a dope third album it’s not going to negate the fact that their sophomore effort was trash.

  • who cares

    *Ill Son smh

  • i don’t really know shit though

    true fans keep it real and know what albums don’t work for the group. the ones who don’t are stupid af. and the difference between Gucci and SH is that Gucci is way more waited on then these 4 guys. him coming out of jail and everything, he also makes dope music despite whatever your personal taste is.

  • marty mcfly

    If you go to the Year End List 2012 post you’ll see I got the SH album pretty high on the list and I dont think it appears on any other lists and thats fine but if we gonna be completely honest. On a BAR 4 BAR level they are gonna come out with more of a lyrical edge then most other albums any time they release something because its 4 of them and each member knows what their doing. Now its not like im a huge Slaughter fan but I was hoping to hear some dope shit especially after the EP they did before that. When I listened to the final product, I listened as if it was an Eminem album because I knew he basically constructed it after they did the rhymes. I did that because I didnt just wanna find things in the album that I didnt like and I ended up enjoying the album. If you didnt like the album thats cool but I say all that to say maybe people should just not expect anything going into listening to they next album. Imo if you aint expecting anything your more likely to give the final product a chance. I think with the next SH album people should just go into it with no expectations at all and then judge it from that standpoint.

  • runt

    ^^^ shut up and stop writing essays. no one cares what you think

  • flo

    bar 4 bar these guys stink like marty mcfly writing essays in his basement

  • Fuck Slaughterhouse

    @Ill Son, I’m not gonna take your opinion on music seriously when you release trash like that YouTube link in your name

  • triPAUD

    its funny, i remember people reacting the same way towards welcome to our house as they did towards the debut slaughterhouse album when it came out, but now people talk about how good it was…

  • triPAUD

    this dissappointment is that on paper it should be a classic, but its just great.

  • @Fuck Slaughterhouse, if you knw ANYTHING abt music especially lyrics (supposedly) then that remark is invalid. The verses actually have a meaningful yet insightful point of view. The hook was in auto-tune for the sake of doing something different. You don’t follow my music so I wouldn’t think for you to understand. Or to understand the record you “dislike”, it get spins on local radio DAILY.

    Do YOU have any music in rotation? Or ppl VOTING for your song to be played? NO. Whn you have such involvements within music, then HOLLA AT ME!

    @Who Cares, the ONLY word misspelled was “their”, smh. It’s funny you want to speak on that ONE misspelled word, smh.