Lauryn Hill Sentenced to Prison For Tax Evasion

blame it on Shake May 6, 2013

Despite making a last-minute payment of over $900,000, Lauryn Hill was sentenced to three months in prison for failing to pay $1.8 million in back taxes from 2005-2007. According to WP, she’s to report to prison (no word on which one just yet) on July 8th and will have an additional three months of home confinement tacked on after she gets out.

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  • keepITreal

    You can’t be making stacks of cash and not expect to pay taxes…dumb broad, SMH…

  • Look at theta bitch sucking the white man’s dick. Thought she was all high and mighty black power….Now she mowing down her fro to look “presentable” for the white man’s justice system. Bet she was talkin’ hella ish when she was getting away with it, “I ain’t payin’ no mutha fuckin taxes to some power hungry honkey who already got half the money in the world”

    Look at you now bitch

  • Smh


  • genuisidiot

    This is all about destorying a person image.

  • Like.A

    They say damn the man cuz damn the man takes! SMH

  • adm

    I don’t get why hip hop artists are always getting in trouble for tax evasion. Like damn is it that hard to just pay your taxes?

  • omar’s coming

    I was a Lauryn fan, but she really threw her career away. I have mixed feelings about this.

    Drug abuse, a diva persona, and so much wasted potential. I went to a concert of her’s last year and she was terrible. And I’m not being a hater, everyone in the spot was like wtf did we pay money for. The song she put out last week was trash. Now when prison is looming she’s returned to the music industry and fanbase, which she vilified for 15 years, to provide her with the cash flow she needs to pay her taxes. Not only that, but she bitches about the manner with which her music is released and dismisses it herself as being garbage. You did this to yourself. Don’t blame the label, the government, or fame. I wish she wasn’t going to prison, but I can’t say I’m severely saddened by it.

    I know some of y’all will look at this comment as being overly emotional. Maybe it is. It’s just you see a really talented woman in hip-hop (rare) sabotage her music, her career, and ultimately her life, it’s tough as a fan to swallow. Anyways, hope she bounces back somehow.

    I just hope D’Angelo’s musical return is a bit more promising.

  • cruel irony

    might win some but you just lost…..

    couldn’t help myself

  • Vention


  • Smh at Trolls

    @[email protected] You are a piece of shit who sounds like you got mental issues, you seem like you got personal problems with her or some shit

    Or maybe you just trolling looking to argue with someone on 2DBZ, but either way you’re pathetic

  • subject_90

    I’m so happy I went to RTB couple yrs back and saw her! I just hope she can over come this adversity! GOD BLeSS L Boogy… Loyal fans still Love you!

  • King Tyrone


  • Wow!


    DOOFUS means a stupid person! so if your gonna call some stupid, try not to sound stupid

  • Wow!

    And please feel free to grammar check my comment b/c you need the practice!

  • Seknce

    That’s that greedy shit artists be on.

  • Sticky

    i wonder what the dope to nope ratio would be if this was a banker… or if it included how many people she could have provided health care for…

  • JAyP

    LMAO @Wow!

    That nigga Np316 must of been one of the people that didnt get his money from Lauryn he seems a little too butt hurt HAHA!

  • Doo Wop (yr taxes ppl)

    That thing that thing that thing (taxes)

  • marty mcfly

    Ok now people wanna come out and call Lauryn stupid and crazy and laugh as she’s on her way to prison and I guess the haters will feel good about themselves knowing that Lauryn will suffer but imo I dont think any of those kind of people nor the system itself (music business or otherwise) is gonna break Lauryn and I do believe in the end ultimately she will win. I know what this shit is about and thats making a spectacle outta Lauryn as well as other ulterior motives that go beyond 1.8 million dollars but whatever. Lauryn’s number came up and now she’ll do her time and everyone will get to enjoy her pain but at the end of the day I appreciate what she’s done for the culture even during this time of struggle when she’s being pulled down. Taken down for things that a label would handle in a heartbeat if Lauryn was a pop singing white girl but whatever. Lauryn represents something more powerful then just the verses she spits in her songs and people know she is pushing for pure artistic freedom and not willing to give up anything she works for and earns in any of her future music. Thats in regards to anything that she may do after she is no longer in this position. Prince wrote the word slave on his cheek years ago and some people know what thats about and yeah in hip hop now artists are dealing with 360 deals and complete slavery type deals and shit but in R&B that shits been going on forever. Hey if it makes you feel good then talk about how Lauryn is going down and how she’s this and that cool but at the end of the day if she ever gets the artistic freedom she wants then she wins and even if she agrees to record to get herself outta her money situation then on an artistic level she’ll still be an incredible artist. At the end of the day she’s still is Lauryn Hill. These big corporate music plantations know that the shit they put these artists through is bullshit and its all over money that these artists generate in the first place smh. Clive Davis and the rest of those chumps gonna let her sit in prison over 2 million dollars after she sold about 30 million records and made them probably 100 million dollars? For what? because she refused to record for years unless she could finally get what she worked for? Whatever though, Lauryn’s soul is not defined by the dealings of the music business in regards to her art. I know the media is gonna have a field day with this. Another black artist as fallen… Yada Yada Yada but fuck it, she’ll be standing up again and if she gets inspired and decides to go back at it with this Godless bloodsucking machine on some John Henry shit then I believe she’ll win in the end. Lauryn >>>

  • Assatta

    @[email protected]

    Bro, do you still believe that Lauryn said something about Whites buying her albums? This was proved false years ago. Ms Hill is still a black queen, in or out of prison. If you don’t like our culture (black culture) bounce off the site! What do you think hip hop is!?!

  • Read a book

    “Clive Davis and the rest of those chumps gonna let her sit in prison over 2 million dollars after she sold about 30 million records and made them probably 100 million dollars?”

    Why should anyone give her a handout. She’s a grown ass woman. Paying taxes really isn’t that difficult. You make money..then you give some of it back. I’m not trying to hate on the girl, but I can’t feel sorry for someone that can’t grasp a concept that simple.

  • marty mcfly

    My argument is not about trying to make an excuse about whether Lauryn should be held accountable if she indeed did not pay her taxes for the years that she’s been charged with BUT, I wouldn’t call it a handout if the label that has profited times over off her music decided to pay that money. Has Clive Davis and the many other presidents and CEOs of these companies paid an accurate amount in taxes over the years? I highly doubt it. Do I think Lauryn should go to jail even though I think she should pay her taxes? NO. Furthermore I think there might have been some shady business practice at play here that goes beyond some taxes that she owed.

  • ear2ear

    @marty you’re failing to to remember that Lauryn Hill demonized the music industry for so long. That’s why she left which was her choice. More power to her. BUT as a fan, it sucks that she only came back after drug use shot her voice (she can’t sing anymore) and she faced tax evasion and needed the money. Only then did she come back to her fans and to the Clive Davises and the label and basically prove that her musical message is much weaker than the way she carried herself. I can point out an artist like Erykah Badu that kept her integrity both musically as well as in her life and remains relevant and successful a good 20 years later. This isn’t about how labels treat their artists. This is about Lauryn Hill throwing her career away and then taking her fans for granted by releasing half ass shit that she cannot even standby to save her own ass. So she already lost her “artistic integrity” with that sucker 6 song deal to avoid jail.

    Lauryn Hill was dope. She could have been such a game changer in hip-hop. She made a lot of bad decisions in her personal life. She had a lot of power at one point of her career. She was in a position where she was so successful both critically and commercially that she could push whatever message she wanted to in her albums. Instead she ran from music. And when she got herself into trouble she ran back to the music label. She actually got a handout in this recent record deal she signed to save her ass. I really hope she recovers from the fuckery, but I’m afraid she’s long gone unfortunately.

  • marty mcfly

    @ear2ear, now this has been an ongoing problem ever since her first album. She was complaining about being treated unfair even way back then? She may have had her problems but I also think she was young and thought that the people she was working for actually gave a damn about her. I dont remember all the details but didn’t things really turn for the worse once they found out she was pregnant and didnt want her to have the baby because of her career? I think thats when she started to look at the industry as a demonic place. Now maybe and older more experienced artist would’ve took it another way and been able to get over this bad experience but she didn’t. And yes Lauryn has distanced herself from people and said some crazy things but I do believe she is correct about some of her opinion on what the music business is to some artists. I dont think she lost her talent and I believe she’s probably written several other albums that the label doesn’t want to put out for whatever reason and I believe that along with other things cause more of a problem. My thing is this, Lauryn is not the first person to have tax problems or just problems in general. I think she’s still on contract under the same machine and that machine profits off her every year and they’ve been in business long enough to catch these kinda problems before it gets this far. I dont think it’s right to drag a person through the mud and thats just how I feel about it. I think Uncle Sam would’ve gotten his money and rather then to make a spectacle outta her they could’ve went about it in a different way. Not saying Lauryn is a saint but I believe ther are other hands in her pockets thats more dirty then hers.

  • youhighbro

    agree completely with omar and ear2ear. Sad to watch anyone so talented just throw it all away. Marty again your opinion blinds you as usual or your just arguing to argue. TBH she was lucky after years of the shit shes done anyone gave her that recent record deal(handout) for the utter garbage she released recently to try to stay out of jail. I wish she had been smart enough to pay her own taxes like most adults unfortunately all because your famous or rich doesnt necessarily mean your gonna get a pass for not paying taxes. I also wish she came back to the music industry to make music not to sell out and release garbage that she herself would then call garbage SMH. This whole situation just sucks hope for her, pray for her, do whatever it is you do cause she still needs it.

  • AFan

    Marty McFly you are a very smart man. You’re hitting this all the way on the head!

  • ear2ear

    At Marty McFly, you’re making a looooooot of assumptions and basing 90% of your opinion on pure speculation.

  • Billy

    Why do people think they’re too good to pay taxes? You use roads, went to public school, and expect protection from the police all of which cost money.

  • marty mcfly

    @ear2ear, I made no argument, my opinion is called a statement. There is no argument there and most of what im saying isn’t really speculation. Lauryn is having money issues right? To the tune of about 2 million dollars right? Ok now how much money do you think her music has generated since she been out? About 50 to 100 million dollars potentially right? So my opinion is this situation could’ve been handled better and handled differently. Probably could’ve been handled with one phone call from the label and just a portion of one royalty check judging by how many albums her solo sold. Thats not an argument thats an opinion.

  • marty mcfly

    Oh my bad, you used the word assumption. Which is cool but if you go back and tap into what im saying you’ll find alot of evidence that supports my opinion. Not just from Lauryn’s perspective but from the label itself and from other artists who’ve had similar situations.

  • ear2ear

    I mean you’re entitled to your opinion by all means. And I can call your opinion very naive.

    Of course, they make money off the backs of their artists. Did you just wake up and notice that? Hahaha. That’s the music industry since forever. That’s not the point. No one is defending the music industry. What I am saying is that still doesn’t explain why she didn’t pay her taxes and why she destroyed her own music career. And when she couldn’t pay her taxes she returned to the music industry to help her at the last second. So to me, she’s a hypocrite. The way she carried herself in reality outweighed the message of her music and persona. She talked and talked and talked, but when push came to shove there she was signing a six song deal to save herself from prison time. And to add insult to injury for her fans, the song was unanimous trash.

    If she really was about empowerment and black growth, especially as a female, she had the clout to do her own thing and start her own movement. Or at the very least make the album she wanted to make. We’re talking about a critically and commercially successful giant. Those are the artists who have creative freedom more so than most artists. There are a million better ways she could have handled it. For God’s sake, Janelle Monae is signed to Bad Boy of all places and she still is pushing across a great message. Jill Scott. Erykah Badu. India Arie. Corinne Bailey Rae. Etc. They’ve done that. Instead Lauryn Hill decided to run from music.

    Anyways, taxes are based off of your income. Not how much you should be paid but how much you’re actually paid. So regardless, she shouldn’t have been in that position to begin with. She made bad decisions. I’m a Lauryn fan, but I call a square a square.

    Your opinion is rather naive. She’s a grown woman. She’s a multi millionaire. The label doesn’t owe her anything. She owed herself a bit more self-respect in her personal life and a bit more planning with her own finances.

    Do I wish artists got a bigger piece of the pie? Yes, of course. But more so, I wish Lauryn Hill took care of her life and her career with a little more maturity.


  • marty mcfly

    You keep saying Lauryn did things she didn’t do and you yourself are making alot of assumptions. You say Lauryn destroyed her career but she’s been doing shows for quiet some time now. Is she hot as she used to be? No but her career was not destroyed. You say she walked away from music but walking away means walking away completely and thats not what she did. Then you say no one is defending the music industry? Well then dont because within that right there is the point to the things I’ve said. You say she returned to music but she been here in some capacity so thats not really a return. You talk about explaining why she didnt pay her taxes but I for one never tried to make an explanation for that. I do however find it interesting that she paid taxes after 2008 and the issue of the taxes between 2005 -2007 wasn’t taking care of before 2013 especially when surely it could’ve been. You talk about she didnt stand by her decision to fight for artistic freedom business wise but that fight went on for a decade and is still going on. You compare other people to her that has not achieved what she has and you assume that she can just do what she wants artistically without considering that maybe she’s still under the same label and can’t move forward until a compromise is reached between both sides. You assume she just walked away from her fans well maybe she’s been trying to get better terms moving forward on a deal with the label. A few years back she said she was working on music and the label cosigned that and said she writes songs on a consistent basis and has enough material for a few albums but a new deal had not been reached. As for Janelle Monae, she has her own label, Bad Boy came in after her ship had already sailed. Lauryn came in the game at like 16 with no music experience so that fact she signed with a major like alot of other people in the 90s is no surprise. You act is if your arguing with me but at the same time you also see what im saying so which one is it? I said she probably made Colombia about 100 million dollars, Lauryn estimates much more then that. MY particular point is very easy to understand and I dont know what there is to go back n forth about. I dont care about other artists who’ve not sold one tenth of what Lauryn sold. My position is the same. If she has potentially made the label hundreds of millions of dollars then YES I believe that she should not have to struggle financially. Especially if the label (Sony, Colombia) is not willing to let her go. Am I giving her a pass? No but surely anyone with any common sense whatsoever can see why I would have this opinion.

  • And2

    Hope that the powers that be who put her behind bars rot in fucking hell.

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  • ear2ear

    Hahaha, Marty you’re ignoring her DRUG ADDICTION which is documented brother. So that takes your argument and puts it in a trash can. You can be rich for a summer with drug addiction but wealthy forever without that. Also, I went to her concert in Oakland with Chappelle. People left midway through because she’s lost it man. And I had read reviews warning me that she had lost her voice…but like you I didn’t want to believe it. And once again, you’re just continuing to ignore that it’s been sixteen years man. You don’t see the irony in the fact that she’s only returning when prison time was imminent?

    Anyways, I HOPE you’re right about her.

  • carl


  • It’s a shame to see great artists suffer from back taxes, OOGEEWOOGEE is trying to set up a platform for artist to help themselves…Woogee