• Young Poop Face

    I love poop

  • 7

    That was pointless. Poop is cool tho.

  • Young Poop Face

    I'm actually eating some poop right now while giving a newborn baby papercuts on its nipples

  • lex!

    i was actually gonna get some chinese food but poop sounds delicious.

  • wrq

    sounds like throways tracks tbh. bet none of this stuff is gonna make the album.

  • doodoohead

    Good to see a fellow poop guy on 2DBZ.

    On another note, did you hear that awesome "BRRRRRRRRRRRDRDRDRDRDRDRDRDRDRDRAGTISRGHNASRDIVASDGHAISEGNAISWEG" in the video? Shit's gonna be dope!!!

  • The Big Drop Off

    Bumpy corn poop > Green poop

  • poopdapooper

    i poop while in the shower...

  • MusicHead

    WTF is everybody talkin about poop for !?

  • frylock

    i'd rather poop than try to decipher these videos


    I AM POOP.

  • Loui da GOD bitchiz

    suck my poop

  • Nas

    whhaaaaaaat? you guys like poop toooooo!!!!??? dooooooope