L.E.P. Bogus Boys – Commas f. Ma$e & Lil Wayne (Video) [NSFW]

blame it on Shake May 7, 2013

The L.E.P. Bogus Boys enlist Lanipop to twerk it up for the video to their latest single featuring Ma$e and Lil Wayne.

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  • Da Gawd

    Is this supposed to be attractive to somebody?


    WTF??? They think we all some horny losers who jus surf for porn on the internet all day??? Nigga I gotta day job and and I ain’t tryna come home and get on my favorite hip hop website and see no broad shake her ass all through a video…


  • piff

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  • waste of a ma$e feature.

    butt uhhhh wayne did what was expected.

  • Bigg El Dogg

    LEP is breathing life into this lane of Hip Hop. I like these cats a lot. The song is dope but the video is WACK as hell! Rent a hotel room and have a bitch with a fat ass pop for 4 minutes?!? Nah doggie, they could have opened up the budget a bit more for a song with Weezy and Pastor Mase’s hypocritical ass on it. And let’s just say for sake of argument, fine we gon put a skripper bitch in the video…she was not hot. Bad wig, a wife better and some bullshit ass pink velvet shorts, NO TITS AT ALL (which was the most disappointing to me) and no variety in her performance AND she could have at least showed some bare feminine fat! Dope song, HELLA wack video. LEP is getting rap money by now, spend a couple extra bucks next my nigs…

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  • EDF

    Yo shake, you always posting some real n*gga ish. That’s appreciated it. You keep the trap ears hooked to the site with these postings. Boys don’t understand the reality caravan so they flexing with they mice and keyboards anyway. But they performed at the Cannon showcase in Austin during SXSW. They won over a Houstonian.

    • Word!!!! Keep doin yo thang shake, fuck them gay as niggas.

  • Nice. Man I love big booties