• Ron

    WTF does Dilla have to do with this?

  • brite

    >All this Ja Rule
    >That Grease song

    Dammit I just remembered my 12 year old self and I want to kill that nigga. Once again I would like to urge all Black Celebrities of every race to fill out that W-2, I'm pretty sure Ice Cube does, despite what he may say on records.

  • doc rovers

    isnt she an enourmous racist?

  • lauryn

    best black female rapper/singer

  • http://yrap.bandcamp.com Y-Rap

    Yo, I liked Ja Rule, he might of been faking, but he atleast made ok music, and you know, could Rhyme. Unlike the times of NOW. as for Lauryn, well, all the revolutionary shit goes out the window when the tax man cometh. Goes to show.

  • TB

    LOL. this post is confusing as fuck

  • DynamicShots

    Meka, what the fuck are you talking about? lmao

  • Trell

    I thought I was the only one that was confused as fuck lol. You guys need better editors because this shit should have never got posted.

  • DOOM

    Go home Meka, you're drunk.

  • unreal

    Meka just took a verse from Lauryn's latest song and made it a post. yall getting lazy