Big Tymers = Birdman + Mannie Fresh Lil Wayne & Drake

blame it on Shake May 8, 2013

During the latest episode of MTV’s RapFixLive, Lil Wayne and ‘Shit chop it up with Sway about a variety of topics. One of the more interesting quotes came from Lil Wayne’s pops as he stated that Big Tymers now consists of Wayne, Drake and himself. I guess that clears this up, but umm… how is there gonna be anything Big Tymers-related without the man who basically made the group what it was, Mannie Fresh? *shrugs… hit the jump to check the clip and hit the c-section below and let us know your thoughts on the whole thing.

  • Who is checking for Big Tymers anyway… basuda!

  • Mad Real

    I thought his name was Sh*t?

  • ^^ haha normally is. just changed it for this post title in particular.

  • the realest

    No one really cares. It’s the same niggaz cept now they have a name. But if I had to guess they probley finna sample some classic big tymers shit to justify them using the name. Like drake did wit one of his r&b songs off take care. Shit still finna be wack. Just waiting on Excuse My French.

  • Lol wtf.
    Mannie Fresh > cash money records

  • Mad Real

    “Like Father Like Son” “I can’t feel my face” “He rap i sing” etc…..

    These niggas always lying about albums that will never come out!

  • Young T

    @Mad Real “Like Father, Like Son” did come out tho.

  • Mad Real

    @Young T I meant part 2

  • Fail.

  • How can u bring back the Big Tymers without Mannie Fresh? smh these niggas is mad gay yo

  • R Brown

    Lil Wayne, Drake, and YMCM have quickly turned into the lamest fuckin thing in rap


    what the hell is wrong with this video….or is it me??

  • mad

    should be alright if they put drake on every hook

  • Gengar

    Not be rude but you can tell most of the people on here are YMCMB era rap/hip hop fans saying who’s checking for Big Tymers? You just commented on a post about them just from Wayne uttering words about them but “Big Tymers” haven’t released a record in who knows how long the fact that they are leaving out Mannie Fresh is completely fucked up he is and will always be Cash Money just like Juvy I haven’t liked much of Waynes catalog since 06 now all I can say is fuck him as an artist and a human being you don’t do your homies like that and that’s it this is how disgusting the music business is now Mannie Fresh ushered in southern music with his production believe it

  • the realest

    I hate to be that guy, but nobody’s checking for the big tymers anymore. That time came and went. And I’m from that time. Mannie fresh is doing his own thing now. Possibly with yeezy. So be happy. It’s better that he gone. Cash money is a sinking ship with drake as its last hope. MMG and roc nation/GOOD running things now.


    @realest well drake always delivers. how bout roc nation? they sinking,mayback music is sinking, good music is alright just because of kanye and pusha t not so much. slaughter house is out of the loop generational wise but their nothing without eminem.

  • Mike

    Boycott this crap.
    You can’t bring back Mobb Deep with out Havoc, Outkast with out Andre 3000, Kriss Kross with out Chris Kelly (RIP) etc etc…
    Anyways everyone is ntitled to their opinion but it just so happens every one has the same opinion this time.

  • Atlantic Sea Child

    c’mon lil pussy,sorry,lil wayne, put out the He rap i sing, with t-pain.
    you the responsible of the t-pain fall. people was excited like.oh t-pain is playin with the biggest stars he’s the one of the greatest he’s about to put out an album with lil wayne, holy shit. and then the rest is history. lil wayne little sucker chupa cabras graaaaaaaao grarrrrrrrrrrr

  • triPAUD

    lol they’re trying to capitalize on the brand and drakes momentum.

    Hot boyz w/ drake, mack maine, wayne and tyga makes more sense. or nicki minaj.

  • triPAUD

    or fuckin jae millz or cory for that matter

  • Why the fuck can’t they just create a new group name? Seems like they just want to piss off Mannie Fresh on some personal shit by tearing up the Big Tymers legacy. Can’t overwrite those classic albums though and when you extract one half a group, that group is done, that shit was 50 50.

  • runt

    no one who buys ymcmb’s music these days even knows about the original big tymers i bet.

    they appeal to little teenagers who wouldn’t even know what hip hop was back then

  • realtalk™

    @triPAUD you can’t have a group called ‘Hot Boyz’ in 2013.. no homo til infinity

  • the realest

    @ drill I believe drake is a ploy. And hip hop is gonna get tired of drake when all he’s dropping is r&b albums and songs called girls love beyonce. I was done after take care. A lot will be done after his next album. The money is in the girls. Drake can careless bout hip hop. Excuse My French tho.

  • the realest

    And kanye and Ross the hottest niggaz in the game. Both expect to bring heat after many said they fell off. And I just wanna hear GD and reebok disses over some justice league or just blaze. That’s hip hop. Fuck slow ballads about chrisbrowns girl. You can keep that “hip hop”.

  • eatshit

    cash money ain’t been cash money since the beefing started. Everything before 500 degreez is what I fucked with. After that, fuck their output.

  • Fresh

    ‘She say she like Lil Wayne but she love the Big Tymers’