• http://mangocitymedia.com piff t

    BSBD dont make nothin but bangin but beats

  • jorgey

    S.A.S and Cam! brings back good times

  • thatdude

    recycled verses

  • http://www.twitter.com/TVizzy TVizzy

    Cmon!!!! Cam's first few bars were from "Cookin' Up".... bullshit

  • http://uptowninfluence.com missing my colar

    The Fiance & Papi got in on this one.

  • Jonesy Stark

    Wow...didn't see this collaboration coming at all. BSBD is consistently dope, but didn't think their beats would fit the Dipset vibe. This joint hella groovy though, has the Harry Fraud feel to it. Glad to hear some new S.A.S. verses though. They were some of my favorite Dipset members, folk.

  • Streetdough

    Dope as fuck